Sparkleberry Lane is a forum, community, and movement dedicated to Spreading the Sparkle.


Beneath the surface of every human being emanates a source powerful enough to change the world. “Spread the Sparkle” is a metaphor for this phenomenon. Your Sparkle is whatever you wish to offer for the betterment of society, however large or small.  Your Sparkle makes you indispensible to our global community at this time.  Do not underestimate your power.  Embrace the light within and use your force to create good.  This is what it means to Spread the Sparkle. 

You can begin to Spread the Sparkle instantly by… 

  Breathing deep and recognizing that you are inherently powerful.

  Grounding yourself with encouraging thoughts towards your Self.

  Sending uplifting thoughts and positive feelings towards others,

especially those who may challenge us.

  Smiling at a stranger, or sending a friend a loving text message out of the blue.

People will go, and have gone, entire lifetimes without recognizing their potential.  To Spread the Sparkle is to combat this lack of awareness.  To Spread the Sparkle is to live with the intention to discover how far we can go. 

Become one with our Movement by…

Practicing gratitude daily, for every big and small blessing that comes your way; think less of your material desires and appreciate what you already have.

 Communicating with strangers, as it strengthens our human connection.  Do not hesitate to compliment those around you.

    Developing practices that free your mind from anxiety, selfishness, discontent, and negativity. 

      Reading and learning about how to live a more peaceful, healthy, happy, and inspired life. 

     Breaking bad habits and building good ones. 

      Getting informed.  If something about the world bothers you, find out if there is even a small way you can contribute to a solution. 

       Spending less time worrying about yourself.  Dedicate a fraction of your week or month to somehow help out around your community.  Positive global transformation will begin on our local neighborhood streets. 

Sparkleberry Lane is a growing community unified by a calling.  Your arrival at this page was not by accident. We invite you to join us as we confidently march into an era of mental revolution. 

Strengthen your Involvement by….

       Making the conscious choice to live consciously!

      Following up your decision to be a positive part of existence with action.

       Sharing your ideas and experiences with us on and on our Facebook page.  Chose a topic to write on, do a little research if necessary, and contact us to get your first article underway. 

     Attending an event related to live music and/or conscious living, and writing about it.  Or interview someone that inspires you.  Contact us to get started. 

   Telling your friends about Sparkleberry Lane and becoming an ambassador of the project.

This is a collaborative project that grows organically with community input.  All feedback and ideas are welcome!

Please comment below and tell us how you Spread Your Sparkle!

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