What Happens in a Place Called Loveland? ARISE Music Festival
29 Jul 2015

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ARISE music festival, in it’s nascent third year, is already a Colorado staple. Since 2013, music lovers have worked it into their summer plans- why? Because something magical happens out there in Loveland, and everyone knows it.

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ARISE Music Festival 2014

Last year around this time, a friend offered me a ticket to ARISE and I jumped at the opportunity. I didn’t have anyone to go with, but I knew I’d run into plenty of friends. It was the first music festival I attended alone, and I couldn’t have chosen a better occasion.

As I arrived at Sunrise Ranch the first thing I noticed was the uniqueness of the landscape.  Most picturesque places in Colorado include some form of majestic mountain peaks, but this place is different.  The property is nestled in a valley between huge plateaus, similar to ones you’d see in the desert, except these are covered in green with patches of yellow, orange, and red. The scenery is a parallel of the festival itself – beautiful in it’s own way.


ARISE 2014 campgrounds, Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, CO

The venue was set up to feel like a small village rather than a music festival.  One of the stages was crafted to resemble a coffee-shop with quaint seating and delicious beverage options.


Coffee shop stage at ARISE 2014

The vendors were organized with great flow and the entire venue was easy to navigate.  A labyrinth-style art gallery sat at the top of a hill overlooking the Main Stage, providing a great place to hang out day or night.


Art Gallery at ARISE 2014

Every person I encountered was incredibly kind, generous, and seemed to be floating on a cloud.  Their energy lifted my spirits and brought me to a peaceful state of mind. Though I only stayed for two short days, I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

This year ARISE has something for everyone with a diverse music line-up and a plethora of workshops and classes (see full schedule here). In addition, The Polish Ambassador will be hosting his Permaculture Action Course the week before on Aug 3-5, and Permaculture Action Day on Aug 6th, both held at Sunrise Ranch. Grab your friends and join us in Loveland next weekend!!


 More info here, get your tickets here!

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