Westward Front: Cervantes a Gem in the Rocks!
16 Oct 2011

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I walked into Cervantes with an intense urge to pee and was immediately directed to the backstage- artist’s- bathroom. I thought to myself “winning,” shared a flirty smile with who ever that guy was backstage, and peed like a VIP. After the bottom of my zipper met its top I exchanged another smile with babe man in the back and made my way to the bar.

Naturally, I was craving a Bailey’s but decided to go with a Red Stripe because the coffee element was missing from my kind of cocktail. My man behind the bar, Jamal, slid my Jamaican magic across the counter and kindly poured me a free shot of that creamy goodness I was originally craving. Together we took a delicious taste and already I knew that everything I had originally imagined about Cervantes was absolutely true.

The name Cervantes has kept me curious for years now. Thanks to friends experiences and soundboards, this venue has existed both in my musical vocabulary and my iTunes library, leaving me to ponder its wonders.  I had been awaiting my first encounter with this downtown Denver venue and there couldn’t have been a better time than now, on the road trip of my life. The place was pretty empty for a Wednesday night, but that didn’t matter because, even unpacked, the vibe was still outrageous.

Cervantes’ interior is paneled with wood on both the floor and the walls. In the back of the venue and up the stairs there is an incredible balcony that overlooks the dance floor and perhaps Colorado’s largest disco ball! I was excited to see what this giant sparkle ball brought to the table, so I studied the sphere and how it spun throughout the place. The power from this sized up disco ball comes from the controlled pace of its rotation. Slowly it turned, reflecting what looked like large fragments of glitter throughout the entire venue.

After my intimate moment with the glitter ball’s spin, I found myself at the bottom of my Red Stripe with dudes already lining up to buy my next drink. “Fabulous,” I thought, as J.T. ordered me perhaps the best whiskey ginger I have ever had.  Ok, I know what you’re thinking, all whiskey gingers, are like…exactly the same.  Maybe so or maybe I was just extra high off the fact that I was in Denver at Cervantes and everything just tasted really fucking good.

With a straw in my mouth and slurp to my sip I made my way back upstairs to get a better feel for descriptive purposes. I recognized a friend chatting with the light guy and mingled my way over and suddenly found myself apprenticing Chase, occasionally making lights drop here and there on Fresh to Death’s Greg Fisk’s performance.

Only good moments and great friends created my first experience at Cervantes. Things may have changed a lot from the time I first heard of the place in 2007, but the friendly and funky character I once imagined still raises their roof. One day there will be a time where I get the full throttle thrill and the entire venue is packed out, but until that day comes, I am glad to have met Cervantes face to place on a low key night . For details on upcoming shows and great deals at Cervantes text 919-44.


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