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03 Jun 2012

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Electronic music with organic roots, down low bass high atop the Rocky Mountains, and enlightened indulgence lined with spiritual intention . This year’s Sonic Bloom festival promises to provide a euphoric experience of precisely balanced extremes. With just three weeks left until eager electronic music souls get set to gather at sublime Shadow’s Ranch, the excitement is mounting.  Going on its seventh year, Sonic Bloom has blossomed into electronic music’s premier festival, in arguably the nation’s electronic music mecca; Colorado. A four-day celebration of music, art, and spirituality, revelers are open to receive the abundant plethora of possibilities that await them after entering the abyss of humanity.

The music line-up is the crowning jewel of this year’s event. Names like Tipper, Bonobo, and Ott are enough to excite any enthusiast. Add artists such as Emancipator, Vibesquad, Karsh Kale, ZILLA and Eskmo to the rotation and we are set for something special. Mix in a healthy dose of lesser-known, local, up and coming artists and be sure the dance floor will be bouncing in bliss.

Let’s start from the top. Tipper has been treating crowds to vibratory intoxication for over a decade. The deep bass, trippy glitch, and dirty breaks create a sound one can feel. Sonic Bloom will be fortunate to feel the feeling then feel it again, as Tipper will be playing two sets this year. A well-chosen headliner whose rhythm is a microcosm for the event, Tipper will take you deep inside with a playful spirit; an expression of balance.

Ott’s name always brings a smile to my heart. Another UK producer, Ott’s sound unites. Influence from around the globe can be found in his music. Just when you were feeling a bit of India, he takes you to Jamaica, then back to Britain and so on. This deeply rooted trip around the earth always returns high above the peak that cultures, borderlines, and language cannot express. The peak that only trance music can take you.

Bonobo is the final British producer I will highlight. Dream like melodies with a down-tempo backdrop leaves his listeners swimming in a sea of serenity. Expect to be grooving, breathing, and rejoicing in a sanctuary of steady relaxation during this set. These three artists are only a glimmer into the glorious musical talents gracing Sonic Bloom’s swaying bodies.

The magical music makers will be complemented by an extensive program of yoga, workshops, and art installations. Eye candy presented by some of Sparkleberry’s favorite artists including Michael Garfield, Andy Reed, Thomas Robertson Forrest, and Morgan Manley will stimulate any of your eye seeking needs. Be sure to indulge your being into the meditations, sacred ceremonies, and growth opportunities Sonic Bloom will be blessing us with. The unique array of the lifestyle line-up embodies the meaningful intention of the gathering. Workshops that sent a sparkle into my eye upon initial glance included a didgeridoo sound circle, tribal fusion belly dance, and sacred spirals and shapes yoga.  There will be no shortage of space, time, or teachers to have you feeling extra elated heading back to the dance floor.

In addition, The Buddha Lounge, presented by Soulfood and DJ Free, will encapsulate the harmony between the music headliners with the yoga, movement, and space that make Sonic Bloom special. Smiling eyes, soft bodies, and open hearts can connect in meditation, art, and down-tempo grooves here. Expect higher states of being, accessed with ease, amongst others in euphoric experience.

Let us not forget the backdrop to the beauty. The majestic Rocky Mountains, decorated with ancient forests, a rich river, and bountiful breathing room. Only forty-five minutes from metropolitan Denver, the site sits a universe away. There will also be a fine selection of scrumptious food ensure watering mouths and satisfied bellies. This Sonic Blooms aligns to be lucky number seven and I hope to see your shiny self there, glistening in the sunshine, entranced in the music or entering bliss.

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