Song Of The Week 9/6/11
06 Sep 2010

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So I’ve decided with a busy schedule it would be best to do Song of The Week instead of Song of the Day but I assure you there will be many great tunes to come!  Since last weekend was the ATL extravaganza, I thought I would add one of my all time favorite songs by STS9!  This song has been shelved by the band for some time now, but is still something every Sector 9 fan needs to hear…enjoi!

Sound Tribe Sector 9

6.30.2000 Quincy, CA High Sierra Music Festival –     [mp3player width=200 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=]

(This entire show is fantastic and if anyone would love a whole copy of the SBD, shoot me an email at !)


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