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20 Jun 2011

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TREE THUGGER!  I was lucky enough to attend The Blastoff Music and Arts Festival this past weekend (while many others went to Dexfest and some other midwest events) where Camp CO threw it down hard and we made tons of new friends and had some of the best festival experiences I’ve had to date.  Fisk from Fresh2Death camped with us and after all the music was done each night, we came back to our campsite and had him throw down some of the best sets of music I personally heard all weekend!  Nothing will top that amazing hour and a half set from the Grassroots California Dome but we were treated to his genius at work…so good I HAVE to share and spread this shit like hot fire.  Hold on to your hats!

Here is some of his original work and some remixes he has


And here is Fisk’s whole SoundCloud:  Tree Thugger

While you are at it, check out Ben Samples SoundCloud:  Samples


And the other Fresh2Death pages:

Fresh2Death Official

Fresh2Death SoundCloud

Fresh2Death Myspace


Look out for an interview with Fresh2Death in the near future and lets keep the summer raging!!  MUCH LOVE <3


…girlfriend bullshit 😛


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