Festival Preview: Envision 2015
26 Dec 2014

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A Preview for Envision Gathering

Uvita, Costa Rica

February 26th – March 1st

Written by Jesse Wittwer

We’re berry stoked to announce our adventure to Costa Rica for  renowned international festival, Envision.   If you’ve been an avid festival goer in the states then 2015 might be the year for you to take your festing to the next level. Truly, we couldn’t recommend a better gift to yourself than what would be an unforgettable experience at Envision.  If you are just starting out in the festival culture, there is no better way to expand your horizons than a festival in an exotic land. We travel far and wide for festivals already; why not let them take us beyond our usual national borders and open up the globe for us?  Even better, international festivals are also an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls from around our shared Earth.  The Envision experience connects attendees to each other and to Earth in a way that has to be experienced to be understood.

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“Envision is an annual gathering in Costa Rica that seeks to provide a platform for different cultures to inspire one another to co-create sustainable community and practice yoga, spirituality, art, music, dance performance, education and acknowledge our fundamental connection with nature.” – Envision Staff

Happening since 2011,  Envision hosts attendees from around the world who come to participate in a place where rainforest mountains meet ocean. No doubt a tropical paradise, Envision has been regarded as one of the most magical transformational events around.

As of last year, the festival will return to Rancho La Merced; a land in Uvita, Costa Rica, purchased specifically to become a home for Envision.  At Rancho La Merced you’ll find plenty of shade to set up your camp and the Pacific Ocean (!) is just a short two minute walk from site. Ocean front doesn’t typically come with festivals, so, be sure to take advantage of this gorgeous opportunity; spin poi on the beach, twirl your hoop around in the sand or dance ecstatically by the water ! Do whatever makes you feel good, just make sure you get there!

Sparkle Bonus : The Pacific is forecasted to have good surfing conditions during this time, so,  be sure to bring down your board if you’re dedicated to the waves!

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Envision’s crew is  known for its exceptional installations and is sure to build a phenomenal festival ground for all to frolic in! Attendees can expect tremendous stages and workshop areas. Some of the installations you will see were even built by hand and with materials from the land itself!

With the purchase of your ticket you will receive access to any of the workshops offered during Envision. Workshops are a great way to meet new friends and learn something inspiring along your journey. They also connect you instantly with like minded individuals as the assortment of topics has the tendency to bring certain people together.  We’re especially looking forward to connecting with Yoga Girl AKA Rachel Brathen for some wisdom and vinyasa flow! You can also expect workshops on qi gong, permaculture, meditation, crystal healing, sacred geometry and many more.

Oh, and that MUSIC!

Envision offers a wide array of sounds for music lovers.  Some acts we suggest you try not miss include:

Groundation, a classic roots reggae band sure to make you move your feet and feel some loving vibrations.

OTT,  from London, England, Ott has been a Sparkleberry favorite since 2010. He is good for you if you’re into worldly music and like to get lost in space. Seriously, Ott uses all sorts of sounds to create what he’s called himself, “sonic experiments.”  Check out our interview with him for more information.

Random Rab,  is the best.  No, really he has a huge heart and his soul radiates through his tunes. Rab is well- known for his down-temp sunrise/sunset sets and is sure to paint a tear in your eyes.  You can learn more about him in this interview.

Photo from TPA

Photo from TPA

The Polish Ambassador, a producer well known for the “We are Onsie,” movement, Jumpsuit Records and most recently a permaculture infused concert tour is sure to bring not only good vibes but also dream weaved beats. Learn more about his sounds via our interview with David Sugalski.

Sparkle Bonus:  Prior to Envision, TPA is  hosting two environmental action days on the 24th and 25th in Uvita with hopes of setting up gardens at local schools as a way to give back to the community.  AND  The TPA will perform at the Roots Gathering put together by Stephen Brooks, co-founder of Envision. That special set will happen as part of a permaculture education and solution creating event happening March 6th-9th.

Ayla Nero, Polish’s other half who compliments his music with an uplifting voice and beautiful lyrics. Ayla has her very own set too! Weee, girl power.

Wildlight,  Polish and Ayla’s collaborative project. They played a set in the middle of the crowd at this year’s Beloved Festival, and it was the most intimate, good-energy show I’ve been to yet! There gorgeous combo is not to be missed!

Emancipator,  downtempo vibe with a smooth, ambient sound.  Known for his signature violin, drum beats and melodies.  This Portland, OR producer is sure to provide a beautiful and tranquil beachside set.

An-ten-ae,  bass heavy, trap influenced sound that has been blowing up festivals all over the west coast for years ! If you’re a G or better yet, a Spiritual Gangster, then you’ll probably enjoy getting down and dirty to a fine An-ten-ae set.

 Dimond Saints, a collaboration project out of Oakland featuring An-ten-ae and Releece with a sound that drips in passion and resonates with mind, body and soul.

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If you are interested in some fresh new talent check out electronic producer AtaYya.  Haling from Nelson, B.C., he will play a uniquely ambient and trap influenced set that’s sure to keep our dance floor sacred.

Along with great musical artists, there will be live painters and graphic artists working side by side in a beautiful synergy of artistic creation. In addition to visionary artists, there will also be world class fire dancers and many other performers to compliment the music.  I am most looking forward to seeing Android Jones, who is well-known for his breathtaking digital art. You’ll be able to see his work and all kinds of artwork at the event’s gallery.

Envision was founded by people searching to create and explore sustainability in all aspects of life. As a participant you hold the responsibility of carrying this light forward!  Envision is a ” Leave No Trace” event, which means leaving the festival grounds as good, if not better than when you arrived. In an effort to accomplish this task you can practice simple tasks that make a big difference for everyone. Some of those tasks include: using your own utensils,  bringing a reusable water bottle and appropriately using the waste stations categorized by compost, recycle and trash. For more information on Envision’s  Eco- Initiatives please visit here.

This has been just a small glimpse of what will be available at the Envision Gathering this year! Tickets are currently being sold on the events third tier for $235. You can purchase them here! If you miss the third tier, fourth tier tickets are available at $265 or at the door for $300. If you already got your tickets and are in need of preparation support, check out the event’s survival guide. 

We look forward to blissin’ out with everyone berry soon, down south, in Costa Rica!

Click for enlarged image!

Click for enlarged image!

Most photos were appreciatively borrowed from Envision’s website. 

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