Living Lucidity: 6 Ways to Integrate Lucidity Festival into Your Every Day
01 May 2015

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You danced, you connected, you blossomed. Lucidity 2015 was packed with love, intention, education, nature, and so many beautiful souls that were ready to connect the dots! By now, most of us are back to the ‘Real World’ yet still dreaming of our days at Lucidity. But wait, it’s not over! You can keep this magic flowing, you can keep connecting with spirit, you can certainly keep dancing! And we’ve outlined a little how-to guide for you here!

Please enjoy our list of the top six ways to bring Lucidity festival into your everyday. And, for those of you who weren’t at Lucidity, you can consider this guide when you prepare for your next festival experience.

1. Write Down your Experience


You want to remember all this juicy goodness for later reference. Please! Write down the highlights of your weekend; write down what you learned from those amazing workshops & the beautiful conversations you had with new friends. Inscribe this wisdom! You can share this with your family and friends that did not attend the event, we’re sure they want to know the wisdom you received from your permaculture workshops, indigenous elders, and from the panel discussion from MAPS (multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies). If you weren’t at Lucidity, maybe you can do this at a future festival, or even at home when you read or hear interesting things- write them down for later reviewing and sharing!

2. Connect with your Community


We all made new connections at Lucidity and it doesn’t have to stop when the festival is over! Find your new friends on Facebook, or keep in contact with them if you already exchanged information. Contact that artist that you were watching create her masterpiece all weekend or send an email to that musician that moved you so deeply. They will definitely appreciate hearing from you! The power is in keeping our tribe strong and growing.

We imagine you felt a part of something greater than yourself by seeing thousands of like-minded people coming from all over the world to connect. Why don’t you host a gathering at your home or at a local park or beach? If you really need a reason, the intention of celebrating the New or Full moon always seems like a good one in our book.

3. Stay Inspired and Creative


With so much living art in every nook and cranny at Lucidity, maybe you also now have a list of things you are inspired to re-create. With all of the dream-catchers, the paintings, the music, the jewelry, the food, the clothing, and beautiful people, it’s hard to not be affected. Get started now! Perhaps you start playing an African drum like they had going on at the 24/7 drum circle, perhaps you create little paintings to give as gifts of inspiration, create a cuddle-puddle space in your home, make a beautiful meal, connect with nature. Whatever way you choose – keep playing!

4. Incorporate the Lessons you Learned


We all learned something at Lucidity festival- through the whole preparation of coming and going, from the workshops, to the conversations, the trees and butterflies, and simply our observations had something to teach us. Some of the biggest lessons we received were about sending healing prayers to all of our food and water- ‘Bless before you ingest’ were words from a new friend from Arizona. Wisdom from elders and the native people of the land expressed so greatly the power in gratitude and prayer for our food and water on this planet, that it may heal us as medicine. Another powerful medicine that we all found was dance! The cleansing and invigorating power of dance for body, soul, and community is undeniable. Dance every day to keep energy flowing freely through your channel. Get dirty. We were all covered in dust from the inside out by the time we headed home on Monday; and I don’t know about you but my skin feels great, my hair looks sexy, and I feel more connected to our Mother. You can keep getting dirty by playing outdoors at the park or beach, rolling around on her lush grasses and hills, hang out with animals, climb trees, or work in the garden.  Integrate the wisdom you got from workshops like ‘9 Keys to Amazing Relationships’ with Shivoso Phoenix, who recommended checking in with your partner every day just to see where you both stand and what you are processing, as well as frequent eye gazing! Maybe you recreate that medicine meal you made at the Yoga of Cooking class with Chandranana, which introduced participants to Ayurvedic cooking. And of course keep wearing sunblock, AND LOTS OF GLITTER!

5. Stay Conscious of your Impact!


Lucidity had bigger compost and recycling bins than they did landfill; they also had volunteers on duty to help you sort trash if needed. This festival encouraged us to pack it out, to simply become more aware of how much waste we create in just three days! Food vendors such as Lydia’s Organics encouraged us to eat vegan, which greatly reduces our carbon footprint with every bite. Another simple way to reduce your footprint at home is to use reusable bags. By being aware of your waste and your consumption you can not only live Lucidity’s consciousness every day but also spread it to those around you.

6. Simplify


Turn off and tune in. At Lucidity, most of us spent the whole weekend phoneless and without internet. Perhaps to simplify your life you can take a step back from technology, listen deeply, contemplate, connect with nature, connect to your primal self.  At Lucidity, our hours were spent dancing, connecting, listening to stories of elders and natives, basking in the sunshine, exploring, and learning. We found new friends at that workshop that spoke to our heart, or at that DJ we just couldn’t miss. What if in your every day life you found people to connect with face to face, rather than on a screen- that is living Lucidity.

Incorporating these tips can lead to a healthier you and a healthier world.   No need to wait for the next party, you can make your everyday life just as fun as any festival! At the next festival you attend, take time to be aware of lessons you can incorporate into your every day. The keys to transformation are within you; all you need is to be open and willing to find them. Transformation is not always easy, it is often very uncomfortable breaking old patterns and realizing we were not right all along. This is a part of our evolution as a planet! In the end, we are all going to be that much stronger, wiser, and happier if we live our lives with the consciousness we found at Lucidity.

Check out our Facebook Album from Lucidity, created by Jesse Wittwer, for more inspiration!

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