It’s time for Sonic’s Bloom: Festival Preview
23 May 2013

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DSC_1540Sparkleberry Lane will be returning to Shadows Ranch this year for the eighth annual Sonic Bloom Festival.  The forest will be flourishing from June 13-16th in Georgetown, Colorado. Bloomers from far and wide will be cohabitating these luscious grounds to pay homage to all that we love about life, festivals, and each other. Receiving recognition for being one of the top Transformational Festivals in the Country, Sonic Bloom has been included on The Bloom Series world map of Transformational Festivals.

Over the mountains and among the Cottonwood trees is Shadows Ranch, the luxurious home of Sonic Bloom. Year after year, like a classic vinyl record, this fest gets better with age. During the festival, campers will have the opportunity to sleep along the Clear Creek and fall asleep to the calm sound of rippling water. Throughout the event Bloom will offer a series of educational workshops and yoga classes to prep your body for the dance floor. There are multiple stages, each encompassing their own unique vibe. To top it all off, the chances of a cotton snow storm are quite possible as it snowed cotton each day last year!

DSC_1305With one month until Sonic Bloom, tickets have moved up to the fourth price tier, so if you have not gotten yours yet, it’s about that time, because it will sell out. The teams who operate Sonic Bloom are masters of building anticipation. Not only do they release three waves of lineups leading up to the festival, they also host magical pre-festival parties, such as Unified Field, to get everyone amped up for the real deal. These prep parties give Bloomers a chance to meet and greet with fellow attendees and get a taste of the goodness, before being fully submerged in the sea of Sonic Bloom Bliss. The Unified Field was held at the beloved Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom of Denver, with two different stages previewing different artists and live paintings done by Alex and Allyson Grey.  Unified Field was a beautiful introduction to an even larger land of potential that is Sonic Bloom.

The lineup of this year is absolutely heart wrenching. They had to release it in three waves just to be safe. Each new wave in the lineup swirls out awesome artists, keeping the interest of many people who may be on the fence about going. Easily one of the best lineup’s of this Summers’ festival scene, it is packed with both classic Sonic Bloom veterans, like ViBeSquaD and Zilla(Michael Travis of SCI/EOTO, Jaime Janover, and Aaron Holstein-ViBeSquaD), and other well-known names such as Opiuo, The Grouch and Eligh, Ill.Gates, and Minnesota. If you aren’t familiar, Opiuo consistently provides a thick chunk of funk with his powerful presence and bass laden beats that leave every soul moving. For a slight change in style and grace, The Grouch and Eligh will be there to exhibit their passionate and playful hip hop style and offer some lyrical rhythms to enjoy. This year’s Sonic Bloom Orchestra, a brilliant collaboration, is going to be one for the books. Michael Travis and Jason Hann (SCI/EOTO), Jaime Janover, Govinda, David Tipper, Dave Watts (the Motet), Sasha Rose, Lafa Taylor, and still more to be announced, will rock the main stage in a harmonious effort to blast open our hearts. Here’s an awesome video of the Sonic Bloom Orchestra in 2011,

Both Jason Hann and Michael Travis, who make up the EOTO duo, will be performing, though not in their usual EOTO form. Jason Hann will be playing as Prophet Massive, his bass heavy solo DJ alias who throws it down so hard that your brains morph into bass pudding. Michael Travis will also be putting on his first ever solo DJ set! History in the making.

One of my personal favorites, Random Rab, the soul melting master of sounds will be gracing two sets, a classic sunrise set, and one for the main stage with Cedar Miller and friends. Make sure that you don’t miss that! Random Rab’s music resonates within all open and willing hearts. The worldly eclectic sounds of Jamie Janover (the founder of Sonic Bloom) and ReSunator, master of the hammered dulcimer [IMAGE?] and fire drums is sure to turn heads. The multitude and diversity of talent to be taken in at this event can sometimes be overwhelming, but don’t stress, just remember to breathe and enjoy, and flow from experience to experience with an open mind and heart.

DSC_1636On top of all these sonic seductions, Sonic Bloom has many more transformational experiences and activities to offer. Join us in experiencing Yoga practice, live painting, brilliant art installations, and multiple beautiful performances under the Bloom umbrella as they will be featured daily for one to explore and enjoy. Of the installations there will be a relaXsonic gong bath which features a range of gongs and other acoustic and digital instruments for the artists to paint a 360 degree sound-scape in a UFO-style sonic gateway. Also make sure to prepare yourself for the stunning painters and weavers of light that the unified field has to offer such as Krystleyez, Michael Garfield, and Morgan Mandala. These unique visual and aural experiences continue to bless the minds of all the flowers under the Bloom tree.

As you can only imagine, Sonic Bloom is going to be a cosmic adventure with all things good, a collaborative and mindful space made sacred for your enjoyment. So make sure to bring your laughter, smiles, sunscreen, imagination, and most of all your love!

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Special thanks to Tsunami Publicity and all of their heard work! We Love You!


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