The Everlasting Gobstopper – a Preview for Catskill Chill
01 Sep 2014

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Festival Preview: Catskill Chill

Camp Minglewood – Hancock, NY

September 5th – 7th

Written by Rick Acevedo


The collective consciousness of our human race as a whole is changing. That may seem pretty heavy when you think about what it means in relation to a music festival, but in fact it’s truly the reason we come together. The celebration of life through music and dance, Electronic and Jam; it’s all the same Chill Fam.

        Your whole life you’ve been told to get a job, go to school, be a productive member of society. How many of the mentors placed in your path have pushed you to seek a higher sense of self-awareness; to transcend the bounds and limitations our society has set? How many of us are told we live to inspire? The truth of the matter is you are all beautiful, intelligent beings with the potential to change the world. We’ve begun to take the steps, becoming less self-absorbed, giving more attention to the world around us. Catskill Chill is the embodiment of that feeling. A perfect melody, a harmonious notion, I second that emotion.


        The Chill gets its vibe from the beautiful Catskill Mountains; soon to be bursting with orange and gold as the North East embarks on its great farewell to her lush forests.  However my friends, you will be greeted with warmth by a Tribe of world changers – Nahko & Medicine for The People opening the Main Stage. Not only is their music not what I expected, but when I first saw them I had no clue they are involved in so many nonprofits. I’ll have to check out some of the bands playing in the B Stage and Club Chill haven’t really caught them live yet. Eric Krasno Band is playing the B Stage while Club Chill host The Primate Fiasco; this is going to a difficult decision for myself to make. Both bands feature a lot of different elements. It’s like deciding between which slice of pizza to take. I’m still stuck. Lettuce for my sandwich since I’m going to be missing my Cheese is a must. Shpongle is closing out the night on the Main Stage. Aside from the hoopers going all out and the theatrics (the light show itself is excellent), the band typically delivers a multi-layere,d musically unpredictable set. Chill Fam, this is just the first night!


I haven’t’ even gotten to Yonder Mountain with the amazing, wonderful, ever so talented Allie Kral or The New Deal. I haven’t ranted about PapadosioTwiddleDopapod or Kung Fu. I’m already feelin’ funky enough to let this all vibe out well Chill Fam. Whichever stage you decide to venture to, if you want some Bass in your face or the smooth groove rock out to, the Chill Fam has us covered (There is just so much good music to choose from). I’ve been anticipating this festival for that very reason. If you haven’t already made the choice to head out to Lockn’ come join the Chill Fam. It’s actually pretty reasonable GA tickets are currently at $173.95 (Price with service charges and all that jazz) – for a three day festival, that’s not bad at all.


Thank you for taking the time to read this; I want you to know your energy inspires me – it’s contagious. Let’s change the world one connection at a time. “A festival is really the everlasting Gobstopper, the layers are revealed and it’s not to be immediately judged. It’s got something for everyone” – Sydney Morris (Who Ironically will be taking all the great photos soon to come). See you soon Chill Fam!

Yours truly,


-Ramblin Rick

P.S. Thank you to the sponsors JamBaseMagic Hat, MBP, Brotherly Love ProductionsLive 4 Live Music, and WoodChuck Hard Cider for making this happen.


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