Coheed and Cambria @ the Music Farm: 4-30
02 May 2012

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If you’ve never heard Coheed and Cambria’s music before, consider what it might be like if Rush and Led Zeppelin had a love child-extravagant to say the least. A Coheed&Cambria performance never fails to amaze me and even with a burning desire to see them, I still kicked back with my old habits and procrastinated to buy my ticket until the show sold out. Fortunately, with a little help from my friend, Craig’s List, I was calling a stranger and collecting my ticket for face value just minutes before Claudio Sanchez picked up his first of 8 (if you count the double necked guitar as two) guitars of the evening.

Upon entering the show I was overwhelmed with the unlimited space and wanted to get a good glimpse at the new bassist, Zach Cooper. At only 5’2” the challenge is much worse so I meandered my way up the stairs to the second floor and smiled my way into a prime spot. Coheed opened with the ever-popular Time Consumer and as the middle of the dance floor below me began to rock hard with the fists of diehard fans, I briefly reminisced on my early years and was grateful to know that my moshing days were long over!

The intensity of the show grew stronger with every song engaging the audience’s handclaps for an additional back beat. No World For Tomorrow> Cuts Marked In The March Of Men> Three Evils> set the mood for the rest of the night and I was happy to hear a few of my favorite tracks off of “In Keeping Secrets of Silence Earth: 3” right from the get go. A GoPro video camera accompanied Claudio’s very first guitar and I think it would be interesting to see the birth of his sweating bullets up close and more personally.

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Deranged>Feathers> Apollo 1: The Writing Writer> Ten Speed>Here We Are Juggernaut helped build upon Coheed’s climax for the evening, Devil In New Jersey. As the audience screamed along with Devil in New Jersey’s chorus Claudio flipped his guitar around and started playing it with his mouth.  Claudio is by far one of the most entertaining guitarists I know of and his skills always raise a brilliant case of curiosity amongst the audience.

The Camper Velourium I: Faint Of Hearts preceded and relaxed the mosh pit’s eye allowing its creators with a moment to catch their breaths and chill with the song’s bouncy pulse. Mother Superior slowed things down even further and calmed the crowd with the acoustic strums of Claudio’s fourth guitar for the evening.

The thirteenth of fourteen songs, played before the encore, was a cover that no one really seemed to be feeling.  The song was Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. Although played well, the audience, myself included, thrived more vigorously off of Coheed’s own music- we all hung on patiently during that one.  In Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth: 3 ended the first segment of the night empowering my individual moment. This song has multiple personalities to it and the chance to see it played live is always an opportunity to be grateful for.  For this, I put my notebook down, shut my eyes, and raged in memory of my youth.

The band stepped up to the plate for the night’s encore after a roaring demand from its audience.  Sentry Defiant a new song started the end of the night followed by A Favor House Atlantic. The final song, of such an incredible evening, was a highly demanded Welcome Home complete with Claudio’s famous double-necked guitar performance.

The energy amongst both the band and audience, throughout the night, was at an all time high and of the three times I’ve seen Coheed play, this has been my favorite performance yet. The audience was made up of legitimate Coheed fans; everyone I passed by seemed to be singing along with the band and I didn’t run into any obnoxious wannabes, which is cool because you get that more than often in the electronic scene.  The vibes on stage were just as joyful as the ones behind the barricade- where fan’s fingertips stretched out intensely in hopes of getting just a feel at Claudio’s ferocious fro. On stage, and more than twice, Coheed expressed their gratitude and even stated, “We’re very happy with where we are right now.”   It’s always good to get a little reassurance from a band you value’s perspective!


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