Church of Disco, Biscuits: 8.29.10 @ the Tabernacle
10 Sep 2010

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Church of Disco, Biscuits 8.29.10

“I once heard Brownie say never to miss a Sunday Biscuits show,” said Josh. “So here I am!” Anticipation was high sitting at the hotel bar that Sunday, August 29 in Atlanta, Georgia. Tonight was to be the Disco Biscuits’ third appearance at the famous Tabernacle venue. The Tabernacle is actually an old church, built in 1910 as the Baptist Tabernacle church of Atlanta. The size of its congregation peaked at 3,000 attendees in the 1950s. We could literally say we were seeing the Disco Biscuits in a church on a Sunday. I’ve never been one for organized religion, but perhaps this gospel would finally resonate.

This was the last night of a three night extravaganza in Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia. The Biscuits had played a brief, early evening set at the Verizon Wireless ampitheater, but it was really just a teaser for what was to come. The past few nights of the Bisco tour had been an interesting mix of new songs and classic jams, and that Sunday had the aura that anything could happen, and I felt sure that we were in for a treat.

Big ups to MiM0SA for an always raging opener. His music makes me want to hump the ground, or the closest hottie in a flatbrim, but I managed to contain myself. Instead I wobbled down to his dubstep and ogled his newly toned and lean body.

The band walked out on stage to welcoming smiles and cheers, and broke into a funky digital rendition of a classic, Flash Mob. They fell into a solid groove almost immediately, and from that song on we danced constantly in a beautiful atmosphere of love and friendship and good vibrations. Attendance at the church was just right- everyone had a perfect amount of room to get down holy-style.

An epic, balad style Flash Mob transitioned into a funky, soulful flavored Little Shimmy in a Conga line. Magner stepped it up on the keys from the start, providing a perfect melodic backdrop to Barber’s wailing riffs, while Alan aka the Machine gave all the boys room to play around. Throughout the show each song went from its original, beautiful self into an outer-spacey, experimental, tribal groove. The boys were playing off each other magnificently and the positive energy in the building was infectious.

You should probably get the soundboard and dance in your living room (albeit your lasers probably don’t compare). Little Shimmy segued into a classic sing-along Helicopters, and then shimmied back into a Conga Line from outer space.

The next song was a new addition to the repertoire by Magner (I’ve heard), called Neck Romancer. It was like a crazy thriller meets Devo and should probably have some crazy Thriller meets Whip It style music video made for it in the future. The Biscuits have a way of raging out their new songs fantastically, but I can’t help but point out these nouveau Bisco lyrics: “Girl I like your style now, let’s go kick it downtown.” But we don’t come for the lyrics and we forget about the questionable ones once they got into that steady, lovin’ groove. Mags even threw in some dubstep for us on the Neck Romancer jam.

Thus the first set ended. I scored an awesome Betty Boop pin in the smoking area, in which Little Betty Boop is wearing a heady Bisco flatbreezy just like mine. Excited with the heady purchase, I made my way back inside to begin the second sermon. It was only around 11PM if I recall, so we had a long second set ahead of us. The Robots opener picked up right where we had left off in the first set, happily grooving with lasers. Just when you thought you couldn’t be chillin’ any harder, a shiny beam of rainbow colored light you’ve only ever seen in your dreams blasts over your head, and has you wondering what else the technological future could possibly hold.

Save the Robots transitioned into one of their best new songs, Bombs. I really don’t have any quarrel with the lyric “Blowin’ it up,” nor with the way they were blowin that song up. Then with energy high I heard the first few dazzling notes of Air Song and tears came to my eyes. I think every Bisco fan has a situation for which Air Song is the theme; you can feel the song’s energy pull you closer to each fan around you. “Message in the writings on the wall,” preached the Biscuits, and Barber strummed beautiful, ebbing and flowing melodies, bringing you up high and down low and creepin and crawling through the crowd, getting down with friends all over the floor.

The jam after Air Song teased Bombs (and they continued to for the rest of the set), and then the captivating first notes of Minions reached my ears. I fell in love with Minions as a Crickets jam from the Rocket 3 album. I’m even going to excuse the lyrics “Baby I’m in space when I’m with you,” because they had done a good job of putting us on another planet that night. Minions jammed into another classic, Bisco defining song, Basis for a Day. This grooved into Catalyst, then back into Basis. The whole team was on fire, coordinated as ever, and we reached high in the air and tried to grab the laser beams as the second set ended.

I looked around and saw nothing but smiling faces, and nodding, approving heads. A few fists of glitter thrown in the air, to bless the congregation, and hugs all around. They encored with Wet, which is a great classic to get down to. That was an awesome encore because this reviewer recently incorporated Wet into a haiku she wrote about the Conspirator boat cruise.

The Biscuits had done it again- delivered an epic show that put you, and kept you, in a zone you weren’t going to forget any time soon. Church was over; I felt lifted and I think we were all walking on clouds out the door.

If you aren’t going to be able to go see the Biscuits on this late summer tour, that sucks. Make sure you don’t miss the Halloween run.

10/27 Rams Head Live in Baltimore
10/28 The NorVa in Norfolk, VA
10/29 Hampton Colliseum in Hampton, VA (opening for String Cheese
10/30 Asheville, NC (Moog Fest)
10/31 Charlottesville Pavillion in Charlottesville, VA for Bisco’s own Halloween EXTRAVAGANZA

Hurry up and snag tickets at

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