The Spin Within: A Solid Year Inside The Hoop
13 Sep 2010

The Author

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The mystery behind the hoop comes from the investigation within the spin. We all gaze at these elegant gods and goddesses in awe while watching them perform their magic. Hooping has helped me rediscover my identity and purpose. Behind all my twirls, in-between every spin, and deep within my throws lies more then just a dance.

I’ve been hooping for one year to this day and have found myself further enlightened. It all started in September of ’09 at Trinumeral. I remember it perfectly; the fall sun was beating down on the moss

covered apple trees and friends were being made in every direction. My first hoop was acquired at this fest, appropriately colored in pumpkin-orange tape. Even though  I was ready to begin my practice I really didn’t start learning until after Trinumeral.

October was well underway and the warm South Carolina air was coming to a halt. I had learned to maintain a constant spin, and maneuver its presence haphazardly across my height.  By December the chill was here and I had to move my lessons indoors to prepare appropriately for Phish, NYE  ‘10. Conditions were tough but once I made it to Miami’s beaches I was up to par with my skill level.  When March’s Ultra came around, so did my first intimate experience with my hoop.  I found myself alone, surrounded by a sea of ravers, with nothing but my hoop to rely on.  My hoop was my only friend and our relationship was about to get a little

more serious. I spent the entire first day of Ultra lusting inside the ring and discovering thoughts. My mind began developing a series of theoretical questions and the answers were unleashing through the passion of my spin. Because this cyclone of theory twisted my judgment I remained in the spin for hours. Alone in a chaotic mess of trance heads I was able to confront my fears and search my dreams.

Summer had dawned upon me out of nowhere and was representing the truth once again. My summer fun started with a carnival down in Arkansas for Wakarusa where I bought two new hula-hoops for my friend Alex Walls and I! I wanted her to become a detective spy too, and understand what it meant to hoop. Desiderata flowed in and out of my life and Camp Bisco opened its gates. Bisco was every fest dreamer’s dream accompanied righteously with blue skies,   Team Bisco babes, and the cookie monster! Lucky for the sparkleberries we camped in the best spot ever provided with a hallway of slamming beats on the regular.  That Saturday we hooped to our picks of Biggie Smalls, RHCP and M.I.A. thanks to that outstanding stereo our neighbors had. Big up and The Muddy River Jam were both classic, low-key, love fests complete with  “Naive Melodies” covers at each! Small fests are my favorite because they really develop into communities allowing us to learn more about one another. I shared a lot of timeat these fests with the funk heads of lost in sound.  I tipped Ranch Sauce off with some instructions and kicked it with my hoop-idol star Annie Butts!

My most recent hoop philosophies derive from the Biscuits, Tribe run in Atlanta.  Please believe me when I tell you that Alpharetta was a land of the bold and the beautiful, ruled by sparkleberry tribe kids.  Inside there was a flat dirt floor that cut into the lawn creating a platform like surface begging to be pranced on.  Alexia was the hoop provider of the night. She brought with her about 5 circular beauties, two of which I developed a love affair with.  Through the sound tribe I was able to get mystical in the forest, brainstorming ideas and generating solutions. I wrote this description from STS9 Alpharetta last year and because it parallels the same emotions I experienced at this years show I feel it necessary to include:


“The trees grew vividly dark into the night against a star filled sea of sky under light blue and pink plum hues. As the atmosphere consumed my soul I began to see things a lot more clearly and my individuality screamed loud with every rhythmic movement my body created.”

Consider my feelings and add a hoop.  A year to that day I was cycloned inside that environment with a series of quests. Somewhere in between the neon greens I moved from a large hoop to challenge my authority within a smaller one. The changes in size put me in a totally different maze. Fortunately with my concentration and sense of idealism I was able to tunnel out and through a sideways ring. By the time the cool soft rain droplets melted into my hot skin I felt the enlightenment strike. As the show neared the encore I felt fully established and ready to walk out. Of course I wanted to here STS9 play all night but my satisfaction had been met face to face with the circle of life. With a sense of weight lifted and a sigh of relief, I knew I had my head on straight. The insanity of the slue always seems to become sane held tight in the center of my thoughts.

Within one solid years practice I have been able to master the rhythm of the hoop and find its deepest meaning.  I have faith that anyone who aims to reach this enlightenment is more then capable if they so desire. To find yourself at peace through the continuous growth of circular thought, it is necessary to learn the skills to unlock the combination. So how do you crack this code? Practice. Practicing as much as possible will offer you the greatest chance at hoop enlightenment. Engaging in oneness is really important. Tricks always flow easier when you are able to connect to the wind within. Close your eyes and disappear into the center of your world, focus on your breath, and dream the impossible. Always remember not to focus on how you look or your performance level. People always tend to get caught up in the distraction of what they are doing wrong, which will drive them away from the simplicity of form.  Remembering these tools can guide you to your own internal freedom.

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