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Festival Review: Ziontific Summer Solstice
A Review of Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival Stockbridge, VT – June 20-23rd, 2014 Written by Mitch Smith Photos by Kevin Hardman My foot, I thought, peeling off the sock attached to my right foot and exposing the creature underneath for the first time since arriving at the Ziontific festival grounds. I’d been a fairly nocturnal animal as of late, working days in a fluorescent basement and, consequently, both going to sleep and sleeping in late. My foot, I thought, hardly able to think in complete sentences let alone speak in them. My foot, I more than likely thought again....
Sonic Bloom Takes Over American Safari Ranch: Festival Review
Sonic Bloom 2014 was one for the books. Our brothers and our sisters of this amazing community came with open arms and a new respect for the new location at American Safari Ranch. Celebrating its 9th year in Colorado, Sonic Bloom took this new venue by storm and showed us all what this gorgeous state has to offer. It was a drastic change from what most of us were used to but a good, refreshing change none-the-less. The lovely trees and flowing river will be missed by anyone who attended the festival when it was at Shadow’s Ranch in Georgetown,...
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Preview of Gratifly: July 24 – 27, 2014, Westminster, SC.
YES! We’re going to Gratifly Music and Arts Festival this year! This was an experience I wanted to be a part of last year, but couldn’t make it work, and sent our brave reviewer Sally to cover it for us. Sparkleberry Lane is super stoked to be supporting this event because they are promoting a conscious, uplifting, community-building festival experience right here on the East Coast. While “transformational” festivals- festivals which incorporate interesting workshops, classes, and talks along with the musical experience- are all over the West Coast, we have yet to have very many here on the right. Gratifly...
The Frendly Gathering: Cultivating Frendship in a Collaborative Community
A Preview for the Frendly Gathering Timber Ridge, VT June 27th-28th, 2014 Written by Britton Beal The Frendly Gathering is back for the fourth consecutive year and guaranteed to be bigger and better than ever. This year’s Frendly Gathering boasts a bigger line-up, bigger crowd, and bigger gaggle of giggling girls swarming now, U.S. Olympic Snowboarder, Danny Davis. The end of June every year seems to be a fast-paced transitional period of time for a lot of people and this year is no different.  This year, it brings a number of astrological and planetary events guaranteed to leave the human...
Here and Now on the Holy Ground: Mysteryland USA
A Review of Mysteryland USA Bethel, NY May 23rd – 26th Written by Alexander Kratzert Photos by Drew Obston      That strange time that we call 1969 is far behind. Thoughts and minds carry on in many ways, but still much has changed since the days of Jimi, Janice and Jerry. In this world of seven billion (and counting!), the factions of the music scene have grown wide, wild and out there, and at any moment in these festivals there is the potential to experience something new and interesting. The inaugural Mysteryland USA was my first immersion into an entirely...
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