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Arise of the Conscious Revolution, Arise Music Festival Review
It is so beautiful that thousands of strangers can come together and form such a tight knit community within days. We are bearing witness to a conscious awakening and it is powerful. Thank you to everyone who made this event happen and thank you to Paul Bassis, Producer of ARISE, for your vision!...
Festival Preview: Phases of the Moon 2014
Phases of the Moon Music and Arts Festival Kennekuk County Park – Danville, IL September 11th-14th, 2014 Written by Alex Kratzert “Oh, the places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss Festivals are everywhere. Just as organic foods, fuel-efficient vehicles, gas-guzzlers, YOLO, iTools and savage public violence have decorated our country like a Jackson Pollock painting, these gatherings have become widely known and distributed – another piece of our time in the dream. The better side of it, I’d like to think. These events aren’t new, really (having stemmed from a long line of heads, licks, jams, Day Trippers and Ramblers), but...
The Everlasting Gobstopper – a Preview for Catskill Chill
Festival Preview: Catskill Chill Camp Minglewood – Hancock, NY September 5th – 7th Written by Rick Acevedo The collective consciousness of our human race as a whole is changing. That may seem pretty heavy when you think about what it means in relation to a music festival, but in fact it’s truly the reason we come together. The celebration of life through music and dance, Electronic and Jam; it’s all the same Chill Fam.         Your whole life you’ve been told to get a job, go to school, be a productive member of society. How many of the mentors placed in...
Festival Preview: Lockn’ 2014
Lockn’ Music Festival Oak Ridge Farm – Arrington, VA September 4-7, 2014 Written by Alex Kratzert Tonight as I write, whenever this is, I type on my couch in a hooded sweatshirt and corduroys – no socks. There is no air conditioning, but there is a fan that is really only reaching my bare feet. It is well into August, I know that much, and for a pair of weeks now I have heard much talk of fall vibes and changing times. Since school is over for me now and the real kick is just a loan-deferment away, I am...
Gratifly Music and Arts Festival 2014 Review
The Gratifly experience was many things rolled into one, but at the end of the weekend we looked back on a time that had been full of love, connection, and learning. Even though everything may not have gone as planned this year, this festival definitely has the potential to be an important staple of the East Coast festival scene. Read on to see why. ...
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