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Here and Now on the Holy Ground: Mysteryland USA
A Review of Mysteryland USA Bethel, NY May 23rd – 26th Written by Alexander Kratzert Photos by Drew Obston      That strange time that we call 1969 is far behind. Thoughts and minds carry on in many ways, but still much has changed since the days of Jimi, Janice and Jerry. In this world of seven billion (and counting!), the factions of the music scene have grown wide, wild and out there, and at any moment in these festivals there is the potential to experience something new and interesting. The inaugural Mysteryland USA was my first immersion into an entirely...
Bluegrass and High Tides Forever: DelFest 2014 Review
DelFest: May 22-25, 2014 (Cumberland, MD) Author: Aidan King Photos: Hanna Lane DelFest was my first true festival experience since the days of old, when I would dart around the Winterhawk bluegrass grounds (currently known as Grey Fox) year after year, with sun-bleached blonde hair flowing in the breeze. In those days, I tumbled down hills, hopped over colorful blankets, and befriended the resident pizza-vendor, who gave me free gobs of pizza dough as often as I wanted. If it was naptime, and (the late) Doc Watson’s set was about to start, my parents would simply entrust me under the protection...
zion tents
Festival Preview: Ziontific Summer Solstice
Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival Stockbridge, VT – June 20th – 23rd Written by Mitch Smith This coming weekend—from Friday, June 20th until the wee hours of Monday morning, June 23rd—the sun will be riding high in the sky, shining its beneficent rays, and smiling down upon the festival-goers at  Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival in beautiful Stockbridge, VT, nestled nicely in the Green Mountains, surrounded by nature’s finest. My skin is getting a psychosomatic sunburn just thinking about the weekend ahead. The forecast, both literally (weather-wise) and figuratively, is, without a doubt, looking up. There will be good vibes a-plenty,...
Sonic Blooms in a Brand New Venue
June 19-22, 2014 Sparkle spread by Shaun Kukla        Sonic Bloom. So many words could be used to describe this beautiful gathering of some of the best artists, healers, teachers, and of course fans in all of festyland. A new chapter is to unfold this weekend as Sonic Bloom takes us to the majestic mountains within South Park, Colorado. The magical adventure that awaits us  is located at a new venue called the American Safari Ranch, which just so happens to offer a 360-degree view of the mountains. And guess what?! No more shuttles to get to your campsite if...
ElectricForest Banner
Light up Your Mind: A Preview for Electric Forest 2014
Electric Forest 2014 Rothbury, Michigan June 26th – 29th Written By Alexander Kratzert       It makes me glad to see that imagination and creativity are very much alive and well. In fact, I think that they are at an all-time high, at least lately, despite all the other noise that is out there. I also think that the conscious state of mind is at an all-time high; of course, despite all the other noise out there. It is a remarkable thing to be able to bring thousands of people together to enjoy art and life of all different faces;...
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