Berries & JAM
Gem and Strawberry Jam: 2015 Coverage
I had a preconceived notion about returning to Arizona. My last time in the state was not very pleasant: heat, weird laws, and an overall bad experience with some of the state’s people. That said, things ebb and flow and I was optimistic to return with the beautiful participants of our festival scene in mind. The 9th annual Gem and Jam Festival, held in Tucson, Arizona, hosted Sparkleberry Lane and thousands of other like-minded festival connoisseurs. It was a weekend incomparable to the hundreds of events one could consider attending and read promotions from. Happening in conjunction with the Tucson...
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Five Reasons to go to Gem & Jam 2015
Gem & Jam is a rare crystal forming in the depths of the desert, ready to be revealed to astonish us all. 1. Gems! Gem & Jam will be taking place February 6-8th in conjunction with one of the largest gem and mineral shows in the world. Influencing a new festival model, this gathering is unlike your typical camping festival. It takes over the town and Tucson becomes flooded with people from all over the galaxy to reveal the jewels of their land. Artisans, jewelers, geologist, and countless other creatures come to buy, trade, and sell treasures, as well as get...
Let Your Love Light Shine: SCI NYE ’14-’15
It’s that time of year again when I find myself headed to the 1st Bank Center. Located in Broomfield, CO about halfway between Denver and Boulder, this enormous venue is in the middle of nowhere. The only other establishments around are a few scattered hotels that host mostly concert-goers. I’ve only made the trek to 1st Bank Center for The String Cheese Incident and The Disco Biscuits, so my handful of memories are definitely eclectic. Anticipation had been building for weeks, so I was thrilled to gather at Quixotes True Blue (local Grateful Dead bar) in central Denver to catch...
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Festival Preview: Envision 2015
Envision is an annual gathering in Costa Rica that seeks to provide a platform for different cultures to inspire one another to co-create sustainable community and practice yoga, spirituality, art, music, dance performance, education and acknowledge our fundamental connection with nature....
Woo Park Smokes
Some Words on Smokes, The New Album from Woo Park Written by Sean Kratzert If you’ve ever had a dream where you were in some distant, futuristic groove-lounge in another galaxy, Woo Park’s EP Smokes is probably what was playing in the background. The group plays out of Chicago, but the instrumental combinations are reminiscent of another world, to create one of the smoothest listening experiences I’ve heard in recent releases. Their sound is something like a dosed version of The Roots meets Herbie Hancock and the rest of the jazz sages. The singer vocalizes soul with the attitude and grace...
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