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Never Ending Sea of Smiles: A Review of Beanstalk Music and Mountains Fest
As the last week of May progressed, excitement grew inside me knowing I’d soon be surrounded by incredible natural beauty, hypnotic music, and smiling faces.  Beanstalk was shaping up to be a family affair, as I spoke with dozens of friends making plans to travel to State Bridge for the three days of bliss that awaited us.  My heart leaped as my friend Kristen knocked on the door Friday afternoon, already “festied out” in patterned flair pants and a sexy black crop top. I was unusually prepared with all my gear by the front door, ready to begin the adventure....
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DelFest 2015: A Family Reunion
A Review of DelFest May 21-24, 2015 Cumberland, Maryland Written by Sam Burch The sharp mountains pierce the skyline and fog spills out from behind the rocks. The ridgeline is split and between the two biggest peaks is a bright full moon. This massive marble casts a silver glow across the crowd of bobbing heads and fidgeting feet. It stares through the trees, casting stretched shadows on the stage. It lights up the campground and makes silhouettes of the mountains that surround the site. This site is home to Delfest – a small bluegrass festival hosted by award-winning musician Del...
The Frendly Gathering: the Green Festival of the Green Mountains
The Frendly Gathering will return to Timber Ridge, VT from June 26th – 27th for its fifth year in spreading the love of snowboarding, frendship, great music and the great outdoors. Started by the Frends Crew and 250 of their frends, this festival grew to be one of the most sought-after events in the northeast and it continues to grow yet. It is known not only for its incredible sets, fantastic location and frendly atmosphere, but also for its tireless efforts toward sustainability and a conscious mindset.  All these seem to reside alongside one another – boundless planes of good...
Celebrate the Summer Solstice with the ZIONTIFIC Family
A Preview for Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival June 19-22, 2015 – Stockbridge, VT ZIONTIFIC Productions’ Summer Solstice Music Festival will once again return to the Green Mountains of Vermont for its 5th year in celebration of the day that shines longest. There are many reasons to celebrate this Summer Solstice: it’s the first day of a cool summer; it’s the International Day of Yoga, and it brings the transition into Dakshinayana – the six-month period following the Summer Solstice that is also believed to be a fine time for spiritual healing in the splendor of nature (thanks again, Wikipedia). There...
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5 Reasons Why Sonic Bloom Is More Than A Music Festival
Even though Sonic Bloom is a small boutique festival tucked away in the Colorado mountains, people all over the country seem to know about it. I met two people in Denver who had come out for Sonic Bloom (one from Florida and one from New Jersey), and after the festival they decided to move to Colorado.  Why is this event so special and well-known?  Maybe because Sonic Bloom is much more than just a great musical line-up, it’s a way of life.  It’s about being awake, conscious, kind, and exploratory.  The festival encourages you to live authentically and love those...
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