A tribute to Ecstatic Dance Oakland: Celebrating 7 years !
As I moved my hand with his, I was in a complete state of flow, ever present and connected to the music. Then, suddenly, he lifted me up and I was free-falling over his shoulder, but somehow I landed gently back on the wooden floor and was able to continue moving freely to the sound of the music playing. I looked around at hundreds of beautiful faces dancing without hindrance, while allowing the music to take them through a movement journey of pure bliss.  We were in the middle of Historic Sweet’s Ballroom in Oakland during a weekly Ecstatic Dance,...
Industrial Hemp on the Horizon: A peak into the 2nd Annual Hemp Expo in Loveland, CO
Earlier this month, the sun shined warmly on the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, CO for the second annual NoCo Hemp Expo. Surrounded by panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, hemp enthusiasts lined the expo’s entrance with excitement for a budding industry. Over 1250 attendees gathered throughout the course of the day to meet with over 70+ exhibitors and hear from 50+ speakers. “Game on in the hemp industry, everyone! This is going to be awesome!” exclaimed expo organizer, Morris Beegle of the Colorado Hemp Company. Morris busily scurried his way past a BMW vehicle, designed with hemp door panels, and through...
Spoken from a Broken Bone
Washing your hair; starting your car; cooking yourself dinner….what do these tasks have in common? They are performed on a day-to-day basis and they require full use of your wrists. Every morning we wake up and go throughout our day, usually without thinking, “Wow, my legs got me out of bed today – that’s awesome!” Our bodies do so much for us 24/7, but it usually takes an injury or an illness for us to fully understand this concept. At least, that’s how it was for me after breaking my wrist in Keystone, CO four weeks ago. When I first...
Cannabis: A Year in Review
In 2014, the United States of America captured dozens of pivotal moments for the global cannabis movement.  As the Communications Project Manager at the ArcView Group- a cannabis investment company and research firm-  I’ve closely witnessed what many around the world have called the “Berlin Wall” of cannabis crumble.   From the first legal sales of cannabis in Colorado to President Obama admitting cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol; the United States has seen enough to ensure a domino effect is indeed happening here. In need of both money and jobs,  America’s economy is due for improvement. Not only has justice been...
Photo by Brittni Zacher
Morning Gloryville SF: Rave your way into the day!
Morning Gloryville is midweek a.m. rave. It starts at 6:30 am and lasts for four hours. Similar to Ecstatic Dance, it’s a substance free event and promotes a practice of its own called, “conscious clubbing.” Morning Gloryville was founded in 2013 by event organizer Samantha Moyo and contemporary dancer Nico Thomas. Their brainchild began in Shore Ditch, East London and has sprung up in 15 different cities- including Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Melbourne, Tokyo and New York- since its inception. The San Francisco chapter I was about to embark on marked this city’s 6th episode....
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