Vertical Wall Garden full of leafy greens
Producing Your Own Nutrition: Interview with Garden Coach Rita Bachmann
Some tips on backyard gardening, straight from an expert!...
The Magic is in the Juice!
As the season of rebirth blooms into full fruition, I can’t help but feel a need for new beginnings.  There is no denying this urge is physiologically derived, an echo of our innate, biological call to awaken the hibernating and bundled spirit from the winter’s cold into the newness of Spring.  This past snowy New Hampshire winter was strenuous on my physical and mental balance, so spring has entered with an especially strong resonation, encouraging me to intentionally heal myself.  And what better way than to reexamine the diet, through nutritiously fueling the physical body and consuming more fresh produce. ...
The Ultimate Sparkle Championship
“We proclaim the spreading of SPARKLE!!!” Is what echoes in my mind whenever I think about Sparkleberry Lane.  I have interpreted Spreading the Sparkle as being the power of living life with a positive attitude. I have learned that attitude is a seemingly small thing that makes the biggest difference! What a change it can make in someone’s life! A positive word modifies perspective in such a way that the entire frame of mind shifts into a more conscious mode. The human mind does an about-face, like when you realize you need to make a U-turn to get to where...
Life Advice from a Law School
  I’m halfway through law school, but it seems like just yesterday I was sending in my application.  With winds of fortune at my back, I accepted a spot at a school in South Florida, and rather eagerly began my first semester.  I’m happy that, standing here at the halfway point, I can say that my enthusiasm for this massive accumulation of knowledge has not dampened; a law school education, taken mindfully, will help me to be more effective in whichever profession I choose. Beyond Marbury v. Madison and Massachusetts v. EPA, the entire experience of being a law student...
Booze Control: 30 Days Alcohol Free
In an attempt to cleanse my body of its sometimes-excessive behavior, and for a much-needed moment of clarity, I challenged myself to give up alcohol for the month of November. This challenge derived from a yearning to explore my relationship with the substance, find comfort participating in social gatherings soberly, and to better understand my true self unmasked by the superficial layers alcohol tends to dress on. This isn’t about alcoholism, but more so the largely uncharted territory of total sobriety. Let’s take a minute to look at a popular phrase that comes along with American partiers, “Let’s get fucked...
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