Women Grow ~ ing: Cultivating Cannabis Leaders, Summit ’16 Recap
On February 6th, 2016, Bob Marley would have turned 71 years old. On that same day the official Bob Marley cannabis brand launched, in partnership with private equity firm, Privateer Holdings, from Los Angeles, CA.   Marley Natural made its debut only 24 short hours after the Women Grow Leadership Summit concluded in Denver, CO. Marley, one of marijuana’s most prolific proponents, might have been celebrated significantly on his actual birthday, but his spirit was felt among us, earlier that week, during the Summit. Honoring the plant’s medicinal properties, activism, spirituality and business, the great Bob Marley, himself, would have endorsed Women Grow’s...
Philadelphia Practices Gratitude with Rachel Brathen aka @Yoga_Girl
Rachel Brathen aka @Yoga_Girl has been spreading some major sparkle. A New York Times best selling author, Rachel is a recognized yoga teacher well-known for her authentic online-sharing. Through the power of social media, she’s influenced a conscious shift in the minds and hearts of her nearly 2 million followers on Instagram. Seeping wisdom, via hashtags, into everyone’s digital corners her impact is immeasurable. Philadelphia got up close and personal with this light being as part of her Gratitude Tour earlier this month. The Swedish born- Aruban based yogi, braved through some of America’s fiercest winters on a mission to thank everyone for...
Celebrate the Protection of 11,000+ Acres of Peruvian Rainforest
On Friday, August 7th, Wild Forests & Fauna is hosting a celebration and fundraising party from 6-11pm at the Verdi Club, located at 2424 Mariposa Street in the Mission District of San Francisco.  Come out and celebrate the protection of Mother Earth’s most divine regions with us, Bay Area berries! Why are we celebrating? The event will be highlighting one of four major projects that Wild Forests & Fauna is working on: a long-term project based in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian amazon, in collaboration with ARC Amazon (Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon). Through...
A tribute to Ecstatic Dance Oakland: Celebrating 7 years !
As I moved my hand with his, I was in a complete state of flow, ever present and connected to the music. Then, suddenly, he lifted me up and I was free-falling over his shoulder, but somehow I landed gently back on the wooden floor and was able to continue moving freely to the sound of the music playing. I looked around at hundreds of beautiful faces dancing without hindrance, while allowing the music to take them through a movement journey of pure bliss.  We were in the middle of Historic Sweet’s Ballroom in Oakland during a weekly Ecstatic Dance,...
Industrial Hemp on the Horizon: A peak into the 2nd Annual Hemp Expo in Loveland, CO
Earlier this month, the sun shined warmly on the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, CO for the second annual NoCo Hemp Expo. Surrounded by panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, hemp enthusiasts lined the expo’s entrance with excitement for a budding industry. Over 1250 attendees gathered throughout the course of the day to meet with over 70+ exhibitors and hear from 50+ speakers. “Game on in the hemp industry, everyone! This is going to be awesome!” exclaimed expo organizer, Morris Beegle of the Colorado Hemp Company. Morris busily scurried his way past a BMW vehicle, designed with hemp door panels, and through...
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