Independence Day 2014: Remember your Freedom!
Wherever your festivities bring you today, I invite you to take a moment to consider the word ‘freedom’ and the role it has played in your life. Although the meaning of this expression has changed gigantically since it’s authorized inception the experience, through time, has granted many a similar opportunity. Be it the right to vote, marry the same sex, medicate with the use of cannabis, identify yourself as an individual of your own creation or simply just speak your mind; this word creates POWER. Not to be confused with the occasional corruption we see in government today, but...
Life at a Sustainable Community
I began studying Horticulture in Charleston, SC about two years ago because I was becoming more and more aware of the atrocities of the government regulating the FDA. I also spent some time on a medical marijuana farm in California right before I went back to college and was inspired by the efforts of the land owners to use all available resources and cut back on utility cost and land damage. They implemented practices such as harvesting rainwater, raising chickens, detailed recycling regimen re-insulating the houses, building a well and growing a legume (bean) crop outside right before the first...
The Magic is in the Juice!
As the season of rebirth blooms into full fruition, I can’t help but feel a need for new beginnings.  There is no denying this urge is physiologically derived, an echo of our innate, biological call to awaken the hibernating and bundled spirit from the winter’s cold into the newness of Spring.  This past snowy New Hampshire winter was strenuous on my physical and mental balance, so spring has entered with an especially strong resonation, encouraging me to intentionally heal myself.  And what better way than to reexamine the diet, through nutritiously fueling the physical body and consuming more fresh produce. ...
The Ultimate Sparkle Championship
“We proclaim the spreading of SPARKLE!!!” Is what echoes in my mind whenever I think about Sparkleberry Lane.  I have interpreted Spreading the Sparkle as being the power of living life with a positive attitude. I have learned that attitude is a seemingly small thing that makes the biggest difference! What a change it can make in someone’s life! A positive word modifies perspective in such a way that the entire frame of mind shifts into a more conscious mode. The human mind does an about-face, like when you realize you need to make a U-turn to get to where...
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