: 9/11/1987

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia (enough said)

Quote:  “Truth is what I am” (Tat Sam)

BIO: Christina steps outside to balance her bare feet on nature’s vibrant ground, for she is defined by her eternal connection to the earth and the people around her. She clasps her hands in front of her heart because her yogic philosophies and practice as an instructor allows her to inspire and elevate those who seek spiritual and physical health. Her style and philosophy screams her diverse background for she was born in Romania, raised in Richmond, Virgina and is a recent graduate of the University of Miami. She turns to the boom box to pump up music, and though she has a wide-ranged pallet for good vibes, she can be completely satisfied with the Disco Biscuits on loop till the end of time (when HALEAKALA CRATERS hit the earth). CDs only please.

While at the University of Miami, Christina was a DJ at WVUM 90.5FM and a host of “The All Request Show” and the founder/host of “Sunday Night Live”, a live Jam-Band show which proved to influence Miami’s music scene to be more Jam-Band friendly. On the air you could also catch her mentioning the latest and freshest Miami happenings since she also was the Promotions Director of the radio station. When it comes to promotions and getting free into venues, she is the prime Sparkleberry to call.

Christina lives with her Ying and with her Yang and understands the duality of life and overcoming internal blocks. As a founding 2008 member of Sparkleberry Lane, she brings her passion for idealism, progress and RAGE (the good kind, Romanian Translation: Destructzie!!).

As an advocate of change (and pursuing your dreams), she is starting law school at the University of Miami in August, 2011. Christina smiles to remind the world that life is beautiful and so are they.

Coming soon with a raging pineapple at hand to a concert near you.

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