So–What is Sparkleberry Lane?

Mission Statement: Sparkleberry Lane aspires to encourage everyone to live consciously around the music and world we love.

IMG_2888Sparkleberry Lane is the virtual tent you’ve allbeen waiting for. The feel-good movement has members located everywhere and stretches far beyond Sparkleberry. We simply serve as a humble collective within this movement. After spending time on the lane you will find it impossible to not share your experience and continuously mouth the magical phrase. is where we return to share with each other new stories, ideas, and adventures.

If your personality is unique, sparkly, positively encouraging, creative– or perhaps you enjoy being weird, love getting down to live music (because you know it represents something bigger than just getting down to live music)–then welcome to your new home on Sparkleberry Lane.  You are a resident when you say you are. Should you accept this path, your first duty as a Sparkleberry is to smile and encourage others to smile back.  As an attractive, progressive, compassionate bunch of young adults we strive to pass on positive values, increase awareness among our generation, and encourage loving action.

We’re not so naïve to profess that the world is one big blissful party with glitter flying everywhere (even though we wish it was). We, the founders of Sparkleberry Lane, appreciate life for its ups and its downs. We are people of different shapes and sizes, but the same light that shines within all of us berries- shines within you!  What it means to be Sparkleberry, whether it’s party time or not, is to be aware of what you are doing, whom you are affecting, and to know that YOU ARE POWERFUL. Make a sacrifice in your lifestyle to keep Mother Earth clean; make a stranger smile; tell someone they are beautiful; stand up for a cause; enrich your environment with creativity; bedazzle something and give it as a gift; call a friend to tell them you love them; turn up the music, exercise, dance and encourage someone. Afterward, share about it on DUH!

The Sparkle Breakdown

44948_928495156586_1189146304_nThe Sparkle embodies a bright and youthful awareness. It seeks out the inspiration and extends it to where it is most needed and sought after.  The everyday can be depressing, highly structured and organized in ways that leave no room for mystery, magic, and imagination. Lives become convoluted, dark, and unimaginative. The Sparkle symbolizes our desire to spread positivity and to help people shine on long after we’ve left. (Glitter is intended for external use only however our sparkle within greatly parallels the sparkle covering our skin.)

The Berry represents a nourished whole; a combination of a healthy mind, body and soul. The Berry pulls sustenance from nature with which we are all inherently indigenous. We hope to walk with many creating a custom organic journey towards improved health.

The Lane signifies our individual journey while simultaneously signifying the intersection of our combined journeys. We are never truly venturing alone and as others affect our paths we affect theirs. There are both positive and negative forces inside of us working together as guidance. Many are fooled by these negative forces and are pushed off their highways into unfortunate low places. It is our job as Sparkleberries to help remove the wool over your eyes and channel you down the optimal route, building lasting positive, and harmonious energy.

The Beginning of Sparkleberry

Seven years ago in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a group of artists, music lovers, and friends serendipitously combined champagne with frozen strawberries and a revolution was born. Sparkleberry took its first breath of life under the influence of art, sweet thumping bass, and the explosion of glitter.To this day, we are grateful for the broken ice machine, which fortuitously caused frozen strawberries to be used to chill the bubbly. If such an atmosphere sounds like your kind of place, well then, you belong with us on Sparkleberry Lane. Since that special night in August 2008, we discovered that Sparkleberry Lane is a real place. Yes, it does exist. We got the sign to prove it!

The depths of the Sparkleberry were measured during Camp Bisco 9, where the founding members and many others fused together and shared similar ideas and passions. Friends were made, glitter was thrown, and laughter was shared. The energy had momentum and the founding members knew that it was important to unify and start something amazing. This is how and why was born.

The website will constantly evolve as do we. Music events, inspirations and ideas will all be available here. It is our intention to supply you with discussions about health of the mind body and spirit and provide you with the opportunity to view and purchase artwork and creations made by our founding berries. Our members boast an eclectic repertoire of talents and affiliations. provides a terrific opportunity for networking within a community of likeminded people. We gather at shows and festivals periodically and rage deep together (check the event calendar to see when you can rage with us next!). We, the founders of Sparkleberry Lane, are counting on you to join us in spreading the sparkle and living in love.

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