Ten Highlights from Envision Festival 2015
At Envision festival the production team is dedicated to being much more than just a music festival. Music is always a high priority but Envision also offers an array of workshops, world class vendors, ceremonies, permaculture practice, organic food and other community building events. If you weren’t able to make it down to beautiful Uvita, Costa Rica this year, we have outlined our top ten highlights of this year’s magical gathering by the ocean. The festival draws more and more people every year and the production continues to outdo itself. This is, no doubt, one of the best festivals in the...
Photo by Brittni Zacher
Morning Gloryville SF: Rave your way into the day!
Morning Gloryville is midweek a.m. rave. It starts at 6:30 am and lasts for four hours. Similar to Ecstatic Dance, it’s a substance free event and promotes a practice of its own called, “conscious clubbing.” Morning Gloryville was founded in 2013 by event organizer Samantha Moyo and contemporary dancer Nico Thomas. Their brainchild began in Shore Ditch, East London and has sprung up in 15 different cities- including Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Melbourne, Tokyo and New York- since its inception. The San Francisco chapter I was about to embark on marked this city’s 6th episode....
arise banner
Arise of the Conscious Revolution, Arise Music Festival Review
It is so beautiful that thousands of strangers can come together and form such a tight knit community within days. We are bearing witness to a conscious awakening and it is powerful. Thank you to everyone who made this event happen and thank you to Paul Bassis, Producer of ARISE, for your vision!...
Gratifly Music and Arts Festival 2014 Review
The Gratifly experience was many things rolled into one, but at the end of the weekend we looked back on a time that had been full of love, connection, and learning. Even though everything may not have gone as planned this year, this festival definitely has the potential to be an important staple of the East Coast festival scene. Read on to see why. ...
Anandamaya Kosha: The depths of Yoga’s love.
In yogic philosophy, our souls are comprised of five sheaths that begin at the periphery of the body, and move inwards to the most central core of our spirit. By practicing yoga, we dance our way through the interwoven sheaths, called koshas, which can be imagined like layers of an onion.  The objective is to move from the outer layers of purely physical sensation, to the infinite interior of our spiritual center. While studies of the five koshas could last a lifetime, we’ll cut straight to the depths of the deepest one: Anandamaya kosha. This is the radiant core of our...