Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-61
Biscuits & Lasers: 10 Outrageous Shots from Philadelphia
If you’ve heard of the Disco Biscuits then you’ve probably heard about their otherworldly lasers too. In fact,  the lasers, along with the heavy jams, act as drug – a psychedelic of sorts- which keep fans hooked and coming back for more.  Like chips and salsa, lasers and biscuits were a match made in heaven; a combination so good, one will forever crave them together. Last weekend, the band played a three night run on their home turf in Philadelphia.   While some of us had the pleasure of live streaming the shows from the Electric Factory to our living rooms...
Stories from Kandi Land: Camp Bisco 2013
[This review was written mostly by Alex Kratzert but Christina also felt the need to chime in from time to time.]  “Sex; drugs; those are the things that they’re using to sell rock n’ roll, which seems a damn shame. When you get down to it, the music is certainly capable of doing that on its own.” – Levon Helm of The Band. I found myself writing this article maddeningly unsure about the subject matter. On one end of my indecisiveness is my sincere belief that it really doesn’t make a difference what kind of music you dig; as long...