Sparkleberry Fields Forever
28 Jul 2010

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  1. Mindfulness captures a quality of consciousness that is characterized by clarity and vividness of current experience and functioning and thus stands in contrast to the mindless, less “awake” states of habitual or automatic functioning that may be chronic for many individuals. Mindfulness may be important in disengaging individuals from automatic thoughts, habits, and unhealthy behavior patterns and thus could play a key role in fostering informed and self-endorsed behavioral regulation which has been associated with well-being enhancement.
    Sparkle on my Friends

  2. Hello!!!!!!! My name is Julia and I had the privilege to meet Jess a few years ago in Myrtle Beach through my dear friends the McGaffic Brothers and I stumbled upon this website via her facebook and I must say, this is so wonderful and I am so inspired. I feel like I could almost cry reading you guys blogs and stuff. I am so ridiculously happy to read this and would love to meet the Sparkleberry group at a show or festival! Thank you all for starting something like this! One Love.

    • Julia! How wonderful it is to get back in touch with you through SBL! I am so happy you took the time to visit our site. It’s people like you who keep all of our inspiration going everyday! Thank you so much for stopping by and please feel free to come whenever. We are always looking for an outside voice to create more conscious feedback! Please feel free to share with us all and any of your thoughts!
      Boy, I do love those Mcgaffic brothers, good times!
      Much Love,

  3. mimosas mimosa mimosas every time

  4. Yo my names Richard, i found this site throughhh my friend Court, whose the illest. I just wanted to say i like what yall are doing and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep it up!!! I’m a part of this south easstern group of lovely individuals a little bit like yourselves known as Tribal Council!!! My buddy Clayton has a dome of awareness you guys should look out for this summer! If you ever find yourself in the Asheville area get at me!

  5. Heya i ran into you kats at hulaween. jess came on a art mission with me to try and make a buck i hope your earings sell sweetheart. thank you thank you thank you for the bitchin’ CD i seriously listen to it all the time. by far the best mix anyones ever given me. love the website everythings super bitchin’
    lots ‘O’ Love joey z

    • Joey! Whats up babe? I remember you…man sting cheese lot was so epic! Dude you should check out my review on Hulaween, its in berries and Jam!> anyways glad you liked the cd and thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Sparkleberry Lane understands truth, honor, and love. What soul would disagree? I met Jessica and Christina last night through fate, and I am proud to have been in the right moment at the right time. Down to business: I make music everyday and it would be my extreme pleasure to share that happiness with all that should find interest. Any networking opportunities are welcomed as well. You can keyword search FoxhoundHermit on youtube and you will find my channel. If you like what you see and hear please tell me! I like to know when I’ve made somebody happy! Cheers.

  7. Yo Yo giving a shout out to Sparkleberry Lane crew from Humboldt County Northern California. Home of the Purple Kush!!!!!!! I am a friend of one of the Princesses. Love the website and the energy. The blogs are cool too. Keep up the good work. The tracks in the music selection are bad ass. How can I put some Glitch Mob up in there??? Let me know Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. yall made my weekend! i can honestly say meeting yall in the lot was probably one of the best things to happen all weekend. nothing but love was shared amongst us all, and i feel like we all took something positive away from this last weekend. the energy we shared during those last two nights of sts9 and disco biscuits was epic. i really enjoyed partyin down and dancin with you all. high fives all around.
    Come out to Denver and lets keep it going! STAY IN TOUCH.

    • I had a similar experience… however, i was unconscious. I was lying in a field of sunfloweres and poppies. The sun was caressing every inch of my naked body. It was a sensual supernatural experience. I basked in the sensation for awhile. It was reminiscent of a nubile virgin touching flesh for the first time. I cried out repeatedly “take me, sunshine!!! have your way with me! Do with me as you will”…When BAM!!!! Here is where the sparkleberry moment occurred… where the natural world colided with the supernatural…. glitter was spread all over my body! A majestic, white stead appeared.. He came out of nowhere… galluping from the distance. and he spoke the words of a wise sage…. “Spread your brilliance with the unaware!”. He then asked if I would mount him from behind. I obliged. No lubricant was necessary, as we were well oiled in the glistening hues of the double rainbow….OUr orgasmwas powerful and simotaneous…. any bystander would have been blessed to have heard my cry intermingled with the majestiand regal beast’s whinny. It was a magical, sparkleberry moment…. Glitter was everywhere!

  9. I am here to say that I officially had a sparkleberry experience of great magnitude and power. This night was predestined before it began, I was searching for enlightenment.

    It all started on my skateboard. I was perusing the lot, talking to people, checking out the scene, and soaking it in. After scoring my sandwich for the night as well as the OGKsh, i proceeded to go to my car for some dark n stormy’s (bermuda rum, ginger beer and lime)… when bam! i entered into sparkleberry orbit – I was drawn in by its magnetic, gravitational pull. Being me, i stuck around feeling it out, riding the wave, enjoying the evening, staying in balance.

    This was my 50th show i might ad, and having seen my fair number of outings, the bar was set high for an all out energy releasing, pulsating affair. After a couple of dark n stormy’s, and the intoxicating spell of sparkleberry settled in, we headed towards the ship that would host the nights trip. Double rainbows, and friendly faces greeted us as if expecting our appearance. There was a magic energy in the air – something was about to go down. The books would be re-written this night — I could feel it, like energy infused blood pumping through my veins. Getting closer, we were slowly funneled through the small gates, like sand entering the narrow part of an hour glass, everyones thoughts and energy blending together in anticipation of reaching the other side, where the keys to freedom could be found. As we made it through, a familiar roaring sound filled the air – Cactus’s roaring opening lines to Down w/ disease took hold of the ground. We made it just in time, the mothership was in lift off mode….

    I have to say that this was a special night to be a part of “the boy’s from vermont’s” history book. The musicians elevated their chops to levels seldom seen since the 1997-1999 era. Our vantage point was perfection, elevated just enough off the floor and smack in the center — at eye level with the group’s front-men. We were being showered in sound, pure layers of textures and dream-scapes in our ears. The feeling was akin to receiving a sweet whisper in the year from a special someone. Glitter was everywhere, in the sky, on our clothes and faces, we were engulfed in a sea of the stuff. Hoots and hollers of pure joy surrounded us, and sweet piny smells filled our senses with delight. As the night continued, I found myself drawn to sparkleberry like a fly to a light. The light emitting a radiance of energy and sensuality that engulfed me – i had not left orbit, rather i was spinning closer and closer to the source. Lubricated by the florescent colors of the lights, and the deep bulbous and robust sounds emanating from the speakers, my mind and soul blended together into this indescribable moment. Building and building, the energy level reached paramount levels, I was flying, I was there, I was IT, I loved.

    …..and as fast as it began, the night came to a close – sparkleberry was gone. I want more.

    • Jonesing I love your article!! You seem like a groovy cat. Maybe someday I will meet you skating by on your skateboard!

    • Yeah that OG, WILL make you see things….

  10. I am so excited that this website is going and that our musical, art and passionate collective is alive!


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