You heard it here first: GALAXY DYNAMITE
01 Jul 2011

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For only playing together for 10 months, it sure sounds like the 3 guys in Galaxy Dynamite were born to play together. I caught them on a Wednesday at Emilio’s in Richmond, VA, and I seriously appreciated them trekking from Virginia Beach to play our humble little bar. Their sound is definitely borne of our times- a jam band with electric grooves- but they bring something unique and exciting to the table. For starters, their guitarist, Kevin Arroyo, has a great ear for melody and his riffs are reminiscent of the psychedelic sounds of the 60s. Sam Wolffe plays a driving, relentless bass that keeps the party going, and Mike Mahgerefteh is fast and smooth on the drums, keeping everyone on time and effortlessly executing transitions between peaks and drops. To me, what sets them apart from other bands forming today, are their whopping, in your face jams- just when you think they can’t get any crazier they drop suddenly into soulful, dubby grooves. Their melodic organization is impressive, considering 80% of their sound is purely improv. It’s like they know just what the listener is looking for and their show was a constant dance party.  I couldn’t help but have a huge grin on my face the whole time, eager to hear their next move.

The future for Galaxy Dynamite is bright, and I wanted to share them with Sparkleberry Lane’s readers so we can all watch them grow together. All three members are 22 or 21 years old, very humble, and worthy of even more praise than they’ve gotten so far. For a few months, they made the journey every other week to VA to play at Emiliosdowntown.   That residency is over, however, and Galaxy is ready for bigger shows. They are playing the Jewish Mother Hilltop for the first time in VA Beach on Saturday, June 25th, and I’m glad to see them playing soon with some of Richmond’s favorite bands, Silo Effect and Shak.

Anyway, I’ll let their music speak for itself. Below are some links to shows of theirs. Do yourself a favor and check them out if they ever come to a city near you!GALAXY TOUR!

July 6th w/ Schak @ Emilios RVA

July 9th w/ The Silo Effect @ The Jewish Mother Norfolk

Sam, Kevin, Mike


July 11th @ Hoss’s Deli NEWPORT NEWS

July 15th FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE @ 37th n Zen, ODU Norfolk

July 20th w/ TBA @ Emilios RVA

August 5th FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE @ 37th and Zen, ODU Norfolk

August 26th Friday Night Dynamite Presents: THE BIG BANG @ 37th and Zen

September 10th BACAROCK FESTIVAL (

September 15th PINK MOON FESTIVAL (



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