We Are All Lost in Sound
10 Aug 2011

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>>>Dream Chaser Activist * Live Music Enthusiast * Cannabis Industry Expert *Sparkle Spreader * Mindfulness Teacher * Yogi Artist with a Mermaid Soul <<<


When Ranch first slapped one of those famous red “Use Your Head” pins in my hand at Trinumeral 9/9/9, I had no idea how obsessed I would become with the Lost in Sound crew behind those pins.  All I knew at that time was that this kid and his responsibly raging homies knew where the fuck it was at.  I believe that our equivalent energy brought us together and that an ambition to create a positive movement out of the music scene is what keeps us together.

Lost In Sound’s accomplishments as a team have amazed me ever since.  Lostinsound.org is a flourishing website focusing on all things live music.  Each member’s passion for different genres of music, along with their savvy in journalism, art, advertising, promotions, and networking has manifested into a creative outlet that now benefits and inspires many.  They review quite entertainingly some of the best shows in the Northeast and the best festivals around the country, and they post great photos and videos from those events.  They bring us up close and personal with our favorite artists in video and written interviews, and they review new releases from these artists and introduce us to the best new ones.    Consider them a Brita filter for our flooded music scene, filling your cup with only the most excellent of sounds for your sweet little eardrums to drink up.

Being friends with the creators of Lost in Sound has been a blessing; their hard work and dedication even encouraged the Sparkleberry movement.  Not only have these kids become a staple friendly face in the music community, but they have also become incredible friends to many of us. Their style is impeccable and they seem to always roll deep with one another- like a mass volume they dance together, costumed, and propped perfectly always equipped for a ragetastic time.

But, Lost in Sound isn’t present at all our favorite events just to enhance the experience with their crazy character and carefree attitudes. In fact, their presence is a lot more valuable then one may have initially anticipated.  They are the champions of the  “Use Your Head,” responsible-rage movement: encouraging music lovers to forget the drugs and focus instead on the beat, the vibe, the smiles- all the things that make live music a natural high.  Make a positive connection with the music and those around you.  Today, this message is more crucial than ever.

In the past decade we’ve seen festival culture evolve drastically in America, and with the positive come the negatives.  Some people enter the music scene for all the wrong reasons, and are overcome by drugs and money and living an “alternative lifestyle.” Mostly this is a cop out from the challenges of the world around us.  Although chemical enhancements can expand one’s horizons the first few times, they are extremely over used and abused these days.  The real enlightening experience at a show is in the music and in the love.

The pin that proclaims “Use Your Head” is a moniker of a positive movement within the scene. Those who wear it embrace raging responsibly and with awareness.  We want to show an alternative to the drug-centered, all-consuming, detrimental party lifestyle.  If we all Use Our Head, we stand a good chance of creating the musical Utopia we all deserve in the American live-music/festival culture.

Together, Sparkleberry Lane and Lost in Sound Look forward to a continued upward evolution. We believe that awareness is contagious and we’d like to count on each of you to infect your minds and spread the cure. Knowledge is power and this is our community! A special Thank You to the LiS crew for supporting the scene and helping us always be consciously lost in sound!



To all my homies, you know who you are, I love, love, love you!

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