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10 Jan 2013

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Aura Music & Arts Festival makes a big move in its 4th year to the hallowed grounds of the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. Last year Aura took place in Saint Cloud, FL which is slightly south of Orlando. The venue filled with peacocks and orange trees was great, but it was ill prepared for the Florida rainstorms. This year’s festival goers will be pleased to experience the many amenities that Suwannee, the premier music festival spot in all of Florida, has to offer.

Aura might have made a significant change in terms of its location, but its lineup has stuck to its roots. The lineup still centers on livetronica with conscious decisions by the promoters to add funk, reggae and rock to make it another well-rounded lineup. Instead of wasting money on a big name headliner, the promoters have done another great job of hiring quality mid-tier acts to create a great lineup from top to bottom.

The fact that some of the bigger name acts will play two sets is great for the attendees. Aura will not be hosting many people who have never been to a festival before. Instead, Aura is for the hardcore jamband and livetronica fans. Allowing the headliners to play two sets will encourage the bands to loosen up and give them more time to display their diversity.

Although some of the bands are proud Floridians, such as The Heavy Pets and Greenhouse Lounge, many of these bands struggle to schedule dates in Florida due to its odd geographic position in relation to the rest of the southeast. This makes Aura the must see event for the locals who like to boogie all night.

The friendships that many of these bands have amongst each other almost guarantee that there are going to be multiple sit-ins and superjams throughout the festival. The fact that some of the members of RAQ, Todd Stoops and Chris Michetti, are going to be playing in other projects almost makes RAQ seem like a superjam in itself. This will be RAQ’s first show since The Big Up, another amazing small festival, making a come back this year in up state New York.

Conspirator and DrFameus continue their relentless touring after Marc Brownstein, Aron Magner and Allen Aucoin’s highly regarded New Year’s run as the Disco Biscuits. Both acts are sure to have late night spots in the schedule for those of us who would rather dance than sleep when the sun goes down. Greenhouse Lounge, the local guys, might as well be named Suwannnee’s late night house band as it is billed to once again get the people of Suwannee up off of their feet.

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Undoubtedly, Aura Music and Arts Festival 2013 will not be an event that should be missed. Sparkleberry Lane and friends will be there and you should too.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased at www.auramusticfestival.com

This review was written by Sparkleberry Contributor Aaron Roe.  To preview one of your favorite events, or (almost) anything else for Sparkleberry Lane, please contact SparkleberryLane@gmail.com.

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