Ultra Thin: After Hours
24 Apr 2011

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Almost all the musical acts performing at Ultra college papers for sale Music Festival signed exclusivity contracts that said they were not allowed to perform at other events during the week of Ultra. This allowed smaller name DJ’s and producers to take over the after parties at local bars around Miami.  Yes, the official after parties at Space and Mansion were probably amazing, but I stuck to some of the more inconspicuous places so that I could relax a little after the madness that was a three-day electronic music festival. Not to mention, the bridge back to my place on South Beach was backed up about two hours every night, so we kicked it downtown.

The first night I jetted to Eve formerly known as The White Room, where Simian Mobile Disco was playing with my boy Dave P.  Dave is better know for his Making Time parties every month in Philly and always proves to be a musical chameleon. This place went along with the Ultra theme by inserting lasers and smoke machines on the dance floor. Simian was coy as usual but didn’t fall short of the funk.

Old school scratchy electronic murmurs put me in a better place as the night eventually ended.

Day two of the festival exhausted me, but not enough to put me to bed. I liked the vibe of Eve from the night before, and trusted that meeting my friends there again would be the right choice. I said fuck waiting in a cab on the bridge to South Beach and headed to the Vagabond, another staple bar/dance club in downtown Miami.

When I got there my boy Sammy Slice was spinning chill, but up beat Philly flavored electronica.  It was a darker sound than I expected from him, but being as how he is a crowd reader, it was only right. Slice usually keeps it cool as a fan maintaining a professional appearance, but tonight the dude was all smiles.

After Sammy stepped off we clanked beers and smiled about the beautiful moment.

Villa hopped on while Sammy’s last track waned, and began bobbin his head hard. His music had me mean muggin and shoulder shruggin.  He mixed some hip hop samples with a little bit of house, permitting bar conversations with dance floor flirts to occur.  His sounds were really tangy. Check out his Vimeo for some dope mix tapes…this one has some Niki Minaj rhymes that are tighter than a dick in the butt.  He blends necessary oldies samples with some 90’s rap and smooth jams.

Classixx kept it moving after Villa, like a sharp knife chopping dicing samples and beats into super fine pieces. They had me doing body rolls, split up by some ass shakes highlighted by my sequin hot shorts.

MY crew didn’t go home and change before the after parties, so we were quite a site. Seeing my dudes with bathing suits and camel backpacks in a bar full of blousy bitches in heels was hilarious.  Leave it to me to bring all the weirdoes to a swanky chill spot.

In the main room of The Vagabond I felt the energy amping up and was curious to see what the commotion was all about. The stage crew was building walls and screwing in set props. Some shit was about to go down. Some shit was right: Shit Robot stepped up from behind the neon green light up stage with an led light up robot mask. Naturally I went all the way up front with my homies and held it down. This man was really freaky, tweekin and twerkin his music to the max. His sound was absolutely robotic futuristic and electronic.

JDH and Dave P slid on the scene with great impetus. You could tell they were happy to be there by the size of their smiles. Dave typically holds down a humble attitude, keeping his emotions low key, but tonight the excitement surfaced.

Simian Mobile Disco played a DJ set shortly after gracing us with their alternative psychedelic drops and electro nuances. Their set at Ultra was very technical and intelligent but the after party is where we got to see them roll up their sleeves.

It was amazing seeing pretty well know DJs and producers for free at low key after parties.

Saturday night there was an Ed Banger party at Bar Black, where my Philly dudes were DJing. I walked into this little cutty with no cover or guest list and thought it was kinda bunk. However, I was duped by the inconspicuous façade of the small front room. I walked in and made my way to the back outdoor patio to realize that this was actually where the party was. The official after parties were way packed and had $100 covers; I’m sure it was fun but I’m glad I decided to pass.  This shady little bar I went to with a secret back patio had all the heavy hitters. DJing some low key shit was Busy p, Dj Mehdi, Brodinski, Henry Riton Dave P, and Sammy Slice. Also lingering at the bar, just chillin was Skrillex and Simian Mobile Disco.

All these DJs were laughing, high-fiving and hopping on each other’s tables. If there was a roof over the patio that shit would have gotten blow the fuck off.  I witnessed pure, unadulterated collaboration between rising intelligent musical minds. I was enamored by the way they all flowed together, sharing samples, formulas and guest mixing on each other’s songs, stretching the limits of musical improvisation. As if this was some exclusive DJ house party, they were all were having the best time and, in turn, so was the crowd. The momentary collective that was happening before my little eyes inspired me to reach out to creative minds around me and exercise the importance of collaboration.

Day three of ultra came and went, and sadly I found myself walking the streets of Miami like a lost little puppy looking for home. My crew walked back to the car, and naturally it was towed, so we hopped in a cab to catch a dope after party at our hotel.  Yo, who ever can tell me who played Sunday night at the Shelborne after party wins a special prize. That DJ played till five and straight murked it. He mixed Rye Rye with some Journey so hard that I never went to sleep that night. Shit ended and I was like damn where can i get a beer right now and dance more?!

Miami is a hyper city and I’m a fucking sponge. The energy that flooded the town that weekend confirmed that there are things much bigger than myself. Close your eyes breath deep and let the air push through your enormous smile.

It’s all happening Sparkle specimen; remember you’re a small part of a bigger picture.

All Love


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