Festival Preview: Universe, Lucidity’s 3 of 6
28 Mar 2014

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Lucidity Universe

Live Oak Campground – Santa Ynez, California

April 11-13, 2014

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Artist: Amanda Sage

The Lucidity production team and community provides nothing short of an awe-inspiring compilation of music, art, food, energy, workshops, sanctuaries, and unique village environments, igniting the perfect platform for co-creation. It is their open-sourced philosophy that truly awakens the unified Lucid Dream and allows for individuals to immerse themselves in the experience. The presence the Lucidity family has created in Southern California and across the country is a true testament to the beauty and community that has been born since its inaugural year. In it’s third year, the line-up of visual and auditory alchemists, merchants, healers, wisdom keepers, and culinary artists will be sure to continue the festival’s bliss and magic.

Lucidity lineup 2

The expanse that the Lucidity spirit has reached is inspiring, uplifting, passionate, and authentically collective. I am so elated to contribute film, words, vibes, energy and love with the Lucidity family and beyond. This journey through the Lucidity Universe will be one of self-love, interpersonal transformation, and creative connectedness.

Whether you are in need of musical therapy, spiritual sanctuary, energy or soul work, herbalist medicinal healing, reflexology or sheer inspiration, there is a place for every Star Seed at this beautiful gathering of love and light. This year’s musical line-up showcases some Sparkleberry favorites! It includes Tipper, Kalya Scintilla, The Human Experience, Quixotic, the talented Cello Joe, and many other brilliant local musicians.

We will be creating a short documentary of our Sparkleberry festival experience! Stay tuned for some optical stimulation and visual inventiveness!

Don’t forget to channel your inner Spirit Animal! “With this profound realization, you, lucid dreamer, are now initiated into the ranks of astral rangers and galactic light beings that traverse the etheric realms.” –Lucidity Universe

Sparkleberry Lane at Lucidity 2013

Sparkleberry Lane at Lucidity 2013

3-Day passes are Souled out online but can be purchased at Hard Copy Ticket Vendors: 

3-Day passes with a Lucidity Giclee Canvas Print painted by the talented Mark Goerner are also available! Buy Tickets Here

See you there, Sparkleberries!

Abbey the Lioness and Evan the MeerKat

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