The Sparkle has Spread: Interview with Jessa Grossman
04 Feb 2011

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The beautiful Jessa Grossman has been selected as Sparkleberry of the Month for February! Jessa is a smiling, joyous princess and has been included because of her passion to spread the sparkle. Her voice is so enthusiastic we’ve decided to feature her words in an article! Jessa was first introduced to the Sparkleberry experience this past summer at the Sound Tribe / Disco Biscuits / Big Boi festival in Alpharetta, Georgia.  There, we danced the night away with many awesome new friends.  The faith she sees in glitter and good vibes is infectious, and we love spreadin’ the love with Jessa!

How did you become a Sparkleberry?

The swaying and twirling of our bodies to the music coincidentally brought us together on a dirt patch surrounded by a handful of tall trees in the middle of the field at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater in Alpharetta, GA, where the Disco Biscuits played Strobelights & Martinis in the background.  Smiles filled our faces as we each noticed the other was covered in glitter.  We introduced ourselves and shared our own glitter with one another.  From that instant on, I found a new friend with an extremely cheerful, free spirit, Danny.  I have to admit that when he showed me the tube of glitter around his neck, I was jealous!  He introduced me to some other Sparkleberries and gave me a card. I stuck it deep inside my pocket to be sure I would not lose it, so I could figure out what Sparkleberry Lane was.

The show came to a close that night and we hugged and said our goodbyes, but my friend Ashley Moss and I knew that this encounter with this amazing group was but the first of many.  You see, the love of sparkles first attracted us to them but we quickly noticed that although we all live in different areas, we all similarly shine bright and spread love in our hometowns.  The Sparkleberry inspiration shines bright in my eyes. I can recognize that they truly desire for every person to embrace their inner sparkle in order to create a better world.  I am extremely honored to be a part of something that is so magical and powerful.  So when we met, that day, we knew it was the beginning of something we would forever be a part of.

When I laid in bed the night of STS9, I didn’t fall asleep right away. Ashley and I kept talking about how lucky we were to have met such awesome people that loved sparkles as much as we did.  We got on-line and typed in, after I found the card that Danny gave me.  We read the entire page and it just confirmed how much we wanted to be a part of it.  We immediately created an account and just kept saying “this so awesome!”  The next few days I “met the berries” and found out their conscious thoughts by reading their profiles and blogs.  I couldn’t help thinking to myself how talented these people were at writing and how happy it made me to be a part of something like this even though I don’t have to do much of anything except spread the love, joy and sparkle of life, which thankfully comes pretty naturally.

What’s your life been like since Alpharetta?

Right now my life is like a boat sailing in the ocean trying to discover new land after getting lost in an unexpected storm.  Regardless of life’s tough trials, I find myself afloat on calm waters, supported by hope, and moved by my dreams.  Eventually I’ll get where I’m supposed to be going, but until then I just appreciate those that are on this journey with me.

I’m in a big transition stage in my life. I am an eighteen year old girl about to leave my childhood home.  I have so much uncertainty about the future, and some confusion about who Jessa truly is.  I realize and accept new things about myself all of the time. I tend to over-analyze situations.  I try and see what’s going on from every point of view and that leads to many different interpretations, which often leads to a lack of voice. I don’t want to say the wrong thing.  I have recently realized this about myself and have set out to overcome it and learn to be okay with my own opinion even if it’s different than yours.

For a long time I was in a deep depression, only hoping for happiness or a way out.  I kept everything I thought and felt to myself and my mind wouldn’t leave my head. My own voice drove me crazy.  I didn’t realize all the gratifying things life has to offer. Growing up I saw so much violence, arguing, and hatred in my home because my parents were trying to deal with my bipolar teenage sister.  Luckily, for me, I have a caring mother and amazing friends who want me to be happy. I am so grateful for them and even though they probably don’t know it, they helped me through my storm. I grew a lot stronger from the turmoil, and now I try hard to surround myself with positivity and peacefulness. For me, those are the two main things that help happiness come with ease. I’m still in the process of determining who I really am, but now I know that everything is okay. I’m on the voyage to discovering my new land.

Describe how you “spread the sparkle.”

Everyday I wake up and try to start the day off the best way possible so that the rest of my day goes well.  Some mornings, after not getting enough sleep, I’m a little cranky, or have a bad attitude because I have to get up way too early for school.   But as the day goes on, I put a smile on my face, which changes my attitude and helps me move on and feel better. When I smile, I start to laugh at myself because I’m smiling for no reason, and that automatically makes me happy. I completely support the statement that smiles are contagious. I witness it everyday in school as I walk down the hallways. I also try to compliment people whenever I notice something I like about them.  I know that when I receive compliments I feel better about myself, and it encourages me to continue be who I am. I want to be able to share that same feeling with others.

The Monday I went back to school after meeting the Sparkleberries, everyone I spoke to in my classes knew a little about Sparkleberry Lane. I was eager to share what I had discovered over the weekend with my friends. I basically gave them the Sparkleberry breakdown. I felt the sparkle spreading just by informing others of the mission. My friend Joel also read the on-line articles that were posted, and we talked about each one and shared the stories we read with fellow classmates.  Almost everyone in my senior class along with a few teachers knows a bit about Sparkleberry lane.

Whenever I attend shows or concerts I am always sure to bring the glitter. When people see my friends and I covered in sparkles, dancing and smiling, they either smile as well or giggle a little as we dance by. Over half the people I talk with ask if I have anymore to share with them and, of course, I do! When I sprinkle glitter on someone I become so excited and happy because I get to share my shine with them and embrace their inner sparkle. After Danny showed me the glitter tube around his neck I thought to myself, “I must have something like that!” So I made my closest friends and I each a necklace. I used sparkly hot glue to write the first initial of our names on the center and decorated the rest. I wear it to every show I attend and make sure its filled with glitter before every concert so I personally have a stash in case I run out. I love sharing my glitter with those who want it- it seems to bring us closer together!

What’s your favorite music? My favorite band is Rebelution.  I am always in the mood to hear Eric Rachmany sing and Marley Williams play the bass. However, It’s not like they just throw together some good beats with random words. Their songs have an encouraging and sparkly message: to make the world a better place.

Thank you  Jessa and may all SHINE ON!


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