Ten Highlights from Envision Festival 2015
15 Mar 2015

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At Envision festival the production team is dedicated to being much more than just a music festival. Music is always a high priority but Envision also offers an array of workshops, world class vendors, ceremonies, permaculture practice, organic food and other community building events. If you weren’t able to make it down to beautiful Uvita, Costa Rica this year, we have outlined our top ten highlights of this year’s magical gathering by the ocean. The festival draws more and more people every year and the production continues to outdo itself. This is, no doubt, one of the best festivals in the world. Start making your plans to enjoy the Pura Vida at Envision in 2016!

It was hard to pack all the goodness down, but this is a great selection:

1. Amanda Sage ~

photo 4

Amanda Sage is a powerful female artist who has been gracing the musical community with her astounding visionary masterpieces. She continues to expand and exceed her past work by diving deeper into her unique creative style. Many of her works explore conscious creation and femininity, and like the best visionary art, offers us a window, or a mirror, into our true creative nature. She had a full display amongst the Envision gallery and was channeling a new work before our grateful eyes beside the Luna stage throughout the festival. Check out her website for more original works and a super cool shop.


2. yoga_girl ~

photo 4

photo 5

Swedish native Rachel Brathen is currently living on the Carribean island of Aruba, but her own journey of discovery through yoga began in Costa Rica. Today she is internationally recognized as one of the most inspiring people on social media for sharing her truth- the highs and the lows- directly, unfiltered, from the heart. Her first book was recently published and she is currently on a Happiness Tour throughout the US. She has enjoyed Envision purely as a participant in the past, but this year joined the lineup of stellar yoga teachers to share her medicine with the group. Her class at Envision was packed, and a crowd of people waiting afterwards to share hugs, thanks, and selfies! She teaches over ten yoga retreats a year and you can follow her motivational practice everyday on Instagram by following @yoga_girl.


3. Charles Einstein ~ A New and Ancient Story

photo 2

Charles Einstein is author of the forward thinking economics manifesto, Sacred Economics. He is a confident and brilliant thinker who led a workshop at Envision based on creating a new future on this planet. He explained that we may not be able to conceive this new reality now, but, armed with the lessons of the past, we can each use our own power collectively, moment by moment, to synergistically create the a world of harmony. Einstein shares many of his theories and his writings free of charge through his blog, The New and Ancient Story.


4. Envision free paint murals ~

photo 7

photo 6

During Envision there was a huge wall built to host a mural space for any Envisionarie to pick up paint and a brush and let their unique creative juices flow. It was amazing to see all the personalities bloom together on canvas. Once a piece was full, it was hung elsewhere in the venue and a fresh canvas welcomed more inspiration. The free paint murals allowed each of us to channel our own inner visionary artist, and were a great way to actualize the creative community that many transformational festivals seek to inspire. Muy bonita!


5. La playa ~

photo 1

The huge beaches of Dominical are only a two minute walk from the center of the venue. They offered a perfect expansive get away during the day, as well as a fun marketplace to pick up original crafts from locals and travelers alike. The beach break is primo for surf and swim and board rentals were available at the festival. The ocean sunsets each night left us speechless. Thousands of beautiful faces, fire dancers, and waves breaking under a pastel sunset. Es magico and is a life experience you don’t want to miss.


6. Random Rab sunrise set at Luna Stage ~

photo 3

Surely another of the most magical moments of Envision was Random Rabs Sunday morning sunrise set. The altar of musical prayer that was the Luna stage was the most amazing place to jungle boogie and Rab allowed us to welcome the new day with his always ethereal melodic offerings. This set featured collaborations with Ayla Nereo as well as the violinist from Emanicpator. Visit www.randomrab.com for his 2015 North American Tour Dates with saQi, as well as info on how to help him create his newest music video.


7. Alexis Neely ~ Financial Liberation

photo 5

Alexis Neely is one of today’s most groundbreaking lawyers, combining expansive creativity and practical thinking to rework traditional business and law strategies. Her workshop at Envision was specifically dedicated to working with your personal skills to create financial freedom in your life. She offered  empowering and useful information for anyone seeking to create their own business. We each have something unique and necessary to offer this world, and teachers like Alexis Neely are helping us to break free of the chains that once bound us and step into our power. Follow her on Facebook for more inspiration on creating your liberation.


8. Art Gallery ~

photo 2

The art gallery got an upgrade from last year with a new full size bamboo structure, built from materials of the land, to house all of the beautiful artwork offered at Envision. Many of the best visionary artist from around the world had clean and easily accessible displays. They also had many prints and different varieties of work for sale. If you made it in at the right time you might have been fed fresh fruit while your eyes feasted on the fresh art. Many of the artists in the gallery could be tracked down creating a newest piece live around the festival grounds. You can see a glimpse into the wide array of talent being displayed in the gallery on the festival website.


9. saQi on the Luna Stage ~

photo 3

saQi is an artist I had not seen before and I had a really fun time at his late night set on the Luna stage. The whole jungle was bouncing as he worked the Funktion 1 speakers with precision. He played three separates sets at Envision and I was stoked to be at all of them. Head over to his website for some free downloads, and check him out in a city near you on tour with Random Rab this year.


10. Participants ~



All throughout my trip from Mexico down through Central America to Costa Rica, it seemed every new friend I made along the way was on their way to Envision as well. So many unique, interesting travelers from all over the world worked their way down to converge at Envision in a friendly reunion! Aside from all the amazing music, art, workshops, food and scenery, the Envisionaries who have travelled far and wide are the spark that makes this festival so special. It’s because of this loving and sharing community that this scene continues to attract and awaken more wandering souls, and so the ripples of our positive vibrations create ever bigger global impacts.


We hope you can join us in this movement at Envision 2016, but until then allow a little of Pura Vida into your day wherever you may be! Adios Amigos!


This awesome list was shared with you by Sparkleberry Contributor Jesse Wittwer. Thank you Jesse for letting us experience this magical gathering vicariously through you!

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