SOTW 2/15: Cherub: Doses and Mimosas!
15 Feb 2012

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I remember creeping over the hill to the late night silent disco at Camp Bisco X, this past summer and as the stage came into view, all I could hear was Jason and Jordan, of Cherub, belting out the chorus to one of their songs. There were hundreds of people dancing and smiling in silence and I couldn’t wait to get some headphones, so that I too, could join in on the fun. Needless to say, it was the perfect end to that first night at Bisco.

Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley teamed up and formed Cherub in late 2010. With a little more than a year under their belt, Cherub has made many moves. Their 80’s inspired, sexy-dance-funk sound has reached the ears of people all over the country. They have played in support of Pretty Lights, made it up to Rothbury for a show at Electric Forest, silent disco at Camp Bisco, and a plethora of other high profile events.

There is something personal about Jason and Jordan’s continuously evolving project. They have an intimate sound and their lyrics are genuine and brutally honest which helps connects the listener with the mind of the duo. The song, “Doses and Mimosas” is a beautiful blend of soft electronics reminiscent of some of the 80’s, with some self-explanatory lyrics. I’ve been listening to it regularly over the past couple of days and I recommend it for anyone looking for great sounds to get one through the week and ready for the weekend!

Download the new album, MoM and DaD from Elm and Oak!

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Upcoming Tour:

2/15/12: Charleston, SC @ the Pour House

2/16/12: Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox

2/17/12: Norfolk, VA @ Jewish Mother

2/18/12: Durham, NC w@ The Casbah

2/19/12 Washington, DC @ Red Palace

3/3/12: Vail, CO @ Snowball Music Festival

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