Sonic Blooms in a Brand New Venue
15 Jun 2014

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June 19-22, 2014

Sparkle spread by Shaun Kukla


       Sonic Bloom. So many words could be used to describe this beautiful gathering of some of the best artists, healers, teachers, and of course fans in all of festyland. A new chapter is to unfold this weekend as Sonic Bloom takes us to the majestic mountains within South Park, Colorado. The magical adventure that awaits us  is located at a new venue called the American Safari Ranch, which just so happens to offer a 360-degree view of the mountains. And guess what?! No more shuttles to get to your campsite if you’ve decided to go for the car camping option. Car camping is so conveniently clutch!

In addition to saying bye-bye to load in and load out, the brand new venue is more secluded for the stars to shine, and will also gives us a chance to frolic around until the sun comes up.  The perfect time for one of Random Rab’s legendary sunrise sets.

Random Rab Family Photo from Sonic Bloom sunrise 2013

Random Rab Family Photo from Sonic Bloom sunrise 2013

So, the lineup, oh my goodness that lineup! If you haven’t been to Sonic Bloom before you may not know that every year seems to get better and better. Topping the list of endless talent that we will be witness to in just a few short days, is Tipper who will be playing 2 nights and is highly recommended. Also performing is Shpongle (DJ set), EoTo, Opiuo, the master of funk himself, The Polish Ambassador, Michael Menert Big Band, Ott, Quantic, Break Science, Vibesquad, Desert Dwellers and so many more. You can view the full stacked lineup here! A perfect combination of sound and mountain environment; the vibe will be impossible to match. Colorado Love is such a true saying.

Sonic Bloom is far more than just a music festival, but also a place to heal and get in touch with yourself and those around you. With workshops and yoga sessions throughout the day, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a transformation festival. These can be an important part of your festival experience because we all come together as one and share the same interests like helping one another which is a very gratifying feeling.  Live paintings will also be worked on throughout the weekend, so you’re destined to experience something new every day along with art installations scattered throughout the festival grounds to keep your senses alive.

Painting by  Dela Cruz! Be sure to look for his black, white and neons while at Bloom :)

Painting by Dela Cruz! Be sure to look for his black, white and neons while at Bloom 🙂

One of the great things about Sonic Bloom is the fact that it’s affordable. More affordable than most “festivals” that you can’t camp at or those that are only 2-3 days long. For us, we get to experience pure magic at a cost of only $195 for a four day pass and $25 if you choose the car camping, Split that between some people and it’s almost nothing for that luxury. That $195 price tag could be even cheaper if you were able to get the the Early Bloomer tickets which went for $155, then up to $175 and so on. The VIP starts at $375 and is currently available at $420. This is an experience I’m sure you’ll want to live again so don’t worry, the Sonic Bloom crew will take care of us.

Now that I’ve share a piece of excitement with you, I’m hoping you decide to take the trek up the mountains to this wonderful place that we’ll call home; one weekend out of the year, for so many more years to come. Sonic Bloom is special and that’s why we keep coming back for more. With this new venue and the mountains towering around us, and the stars shining over us, we all want you to come and experience Colorado and the joys that Mother Nature has given us. This will be a weekend full of magic, laughter, tears of joy and many hugs. Be open to anything and bring a squirt gun. If this is your first time coming, then welcome to the Bloom Family, and yes we are all family!


For a *berry* good hug, look for Shaun spreading the sparkle on Bloom’s dance floor! <3



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