Song Of The Week 8/5
05 Aug 2011

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This week’s Song Of The Week comes to you from Jess and Christina!

Jess :  This was dropped at the silent disco Saturday morning at Camp Bisco by Galdytron!  Definitely something everyone should check out <3


Christina: I thought Ratatat was an excellent between-bisco sets band at Camp: their smooth sounds and interesting transitions kept the hype up, but were also mellow enough for taking a Bisco-breather.  Their visuals were sick, a flowing outerspacey background screen with shadows of their members growing bigger and larger in the foreground.  The music is complex for a duo, layers of melodies creating a whole story in song, sometimes with many characters entering and leaving the stage at just the right moment. I first fell in love with Ratatat as a DJ for the University of Miami’s radio station, and the song “Wildcat” made a regular appearance on my shows.  Getting to hear it live was a treat, and I’m appreciative of the opportunity to see them at as large of a venue as Camp Bisco.  After their great production and sound at the fest, I can’t wait to catch them again anywhere feasible.  ENJOY!


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