Song Of The Week 6/6
06 Jun 2011

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HELLO LOVES!  Missed last week because of recovery from the magical weekend of Bisco Inferno (and all the other wonderful musical events happening around the US).  Jessica should have a review of Lightning In A Bottle up soon and my review of Bisco Inferno will be up by the end of the week 🙂  For everyone that went to Wakarusa this past weekend, I hope it provided you with everything you dreamed of and wonderful experiences (that SBL would love to hear about)!  Maybe you ran into a Sparkleberry or two…

For the SotW, I have to choose Pheonix just because it has been my shit lately.  If you haven’t heard them or dove into their catalog, I hope this post will inspire you to do so!  Summer is upon us and it can only bring the best for everyone!  MUCH LOVE


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