Silent Frisco Does the Disco
28 Sep 2012

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A few weekends ago, Sparkleberry Lane had the opportunity to rage Silent Frisco (SF), a branch on the tree of Silent Discos happening around our world today. A Silent Disco (SD) is an event at which people dance to music that is transmitted through wireless headphones rather than played over a speaker system. Usually the organizers choose to have a SD because it eliminates noise complaints. Silent Frisco’s most recent event took place in Ocean Beach just outside of San Francisco with highly anticipated performances from artists like Pumpkin and Digital Rust.

The United States first danced silently in 2006 at the well-known Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. Motion Potion’s Robbie Kowal was America’s first silent DJ, and, inspired by the new experience, founded the SF in 2009 under his already established company Sunset Promotions. Sunset Promotions’ SF happens across the country and aims beyond just noise reduction. In fact their mission states that they are dedicated to protecting the right of human beings to express themselves artistically in public.  SF’s productions team makes the initiative to find places where people would like to experience music, but traditionally have not been able to.

SF can also be applauded for their effort to produce a conscious force at their events. Aside from the excellent “silent sounds”, delicious food trucks and remarkable scenery experienced at their most recent Frisco, there was also a ‘leave no trace policy.’ Sunset Promotions is committed to building progressive urban events in a manner that is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. At the SF with Pumpkin these values were implemented by teaming up with the Surfrider Foundation for a pre-event beach clean up. The initiative lasted two hours and was conceived to leave the property looking better than it was originally found.

Born within our very own music festival culture, the Silent Disco is one of the most creative technological advancements the live entertainment world has seen. A few weeks back up to 1000 attendees grooved hard on California’s coast line until the sun set below our atmosphere. Without disturbing anyone returning Burners remained raging their fur coats and costumes met the expectations for the Bay Area’s party scene. We owe our successful experience on such a brilliant landscape to the invention of the Silent Disco and the people of the Silent Frisco.

Pushing the limits beyond pure entertainment by positively expanding into our surrounding communities is an important feature for a holistically successful productions company. Our first experience with Sunset Promotions’ Silent Frisco was impressive not only because of the sweet sounds and accommodating people, but also because of the integration of environmental outreach.

Silent Frisco has appeared at Camp Bisco, Sonic Bloom, SXSW and Sea of Dreams, among other magical gatherings. They have featured the works of Random Rab, Tipper, Elliot Lip, the Plump DJs and Eoto. The next time you find yourself at a Silent Disco, be sure to check your headset- you might be raging a Silent Frisco, too.

 The City of San Francisco is exemplary of Sparkleberry Lane’s mission statement, “Live Consciously around the Music and World you Love.” Now that the Sparkle has finally settled in the melting pot of our blog’s bread and butter, we are happy to partner with like-minded organizations. If you are in the Bay Area and interested in working with us please contact!

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