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19 Jul 2012

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As a child many of us have had the adventurous opportunity to indulge in C.S. Lewis’ imaginative story, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. In 5th grade I can remember getting lost in the pages of this magnificent read full of wondrous life and treacherous fear. My fingers gripped tight around The Chronicles of Narnia and I fantasized that someday I too would become a part of this majestic world.  12 years later, a story that once put me on the back of an invincible lion now comes to life in Eastern America’s highest town, Beach Mountain, NC, at the Festival of Gnarnia.

Gnarnia promises all of the enchantment the pages read throughout these books allowed us, as the readers to, explore. Like the world of Narnia, Gnarnia takes place in a setting that is fascinating to the human eye. In a mountain world elevated 5,506 feet in the sky, you will find yourself looking at a picture perfect world that expands, incredibly, over 100 miles. Ski Lift chairs will be in place to help transport your body to and from the top of a mountain for educational workshops and special performances. Just imagine yourself sky high on the way to a rejuvenating morning yoga class!

When I first dreamt up what my Narnia might be like, over a decade ago, I never would have considered the cosmic vibrations Gnarnia so gratefully provides for all of their story’s characters. And an eclectic line up, full of more than just electronic, is sure to diversify your expressions dancing upon this forest’s floor.

Sparkleberry Lane is looking forward most to the sound waves brought to us by Beats Antique and our personal favorite, Futexture, on Thursday, August 9th. Tipper, Mark Farina, Emancipator, Toubab Krewe, DrFameus, Bookworm, and Easy Star All Stars on Friday August 10th. And on Saturday our boys from The Disco Biscuits: Conspirator, The Pimps of Joytime, The Human Experience, Green House Lounge, Govinda, Phadroid, Zach Deputy, and The Polish Ambassador.  Other sparkling acts, yet to have a designated day include Cherub, Michael Garfield, Don Winsley, and Cry Wolf.

In addition to all of the phenomenal music and recharging workshops Emerald Mountain will also open its  Land of Oz theme park! Gnarnia also plans to nourish your body with delicious food from healthy vendors so that we may all be able to maintain a well-energized dance during our two-steps.

If you are still debating on living out this imagination may I pursue you a little further by mentioning these not to be missed out happenings occurring during Gnarnia: Costume Ball, Bicycle Jousting, Fashion Show, and the Poetix Lounge!

We certainly hope that you will be able to join us in a fantasy come true. Whether you lodge in a cabin or nestle up in the camping space provided we look forward to meeting you here, hopefully in between a waterfall!

Don’t forget to bring a long all of the costumes from your wardrobe… because this might be a closet door you won’t want to come back through

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