Lucidity 2013: Time to Enter the Dream
11 May 2013

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As the sun rose on the second-coming of Lucidity 2013 and people began to open their eyes from their nights rest – a new dream began to unfold. Dragons, Tigers, Coyotes, and Peacocks began to climb out of the shadows and their presence began a beautiful weekend journey. Tucked deep in the Santa Barbara hills, Live Oak Campground came to life in the second week of April. Selling out days in advance, the hills were abundant with new and old faces. I set out on my journey from the forests of Grass Valley, CA and arrived in gorgeous Santa Barbara Friday morning. Feeling the butterflies flapping in my stomach I set out for my second Lucidity adventure. I was especially excited this year because I wasn’t crippled (I went to Lucidity last year three weeks out of knee surgery), a year had passed, and so much had changed.

Unlike last year’s rain drenched Lucidity, the sun shined brightly in a beautiful sky all weekend long. Around the six totems, villages began to arise. Each totem space was filled with an intimate creative element separate from the next. This year’s Lucidity was themed as The Totem’s Return – a place where one could awaken their dreams in reality. Each different area in Live Oak Campground was set up for a specific totem, each totem with their own special ideals and symbols. For example, the Courageous Dragon was represented in the Family Garden. Dragons are the great protectors and guardians – perfect for the family atmosphere. I chose to camp with the Wild Monkeys in the Nomad’s Nook. This area was in the farthest corner of the festival. Though it could get tedious walking up and down the hill to our zone, I was grateful I did. If I hadn’t camped in such a far area I don’t believe I would have seen the festival in its entirety the way I had.


Lucidity offered an array of opportunities for the eager learner. Each morning, one could enjoy yoga or dance in the grass at a Goddess Frolicking workshop. All classes were accompanied by wonderful teachers, and whether you were twirling hoops or spinning poi you were bound to learn from an expert. And if flow arts weren’t your thing you could easily find a unique experience for personal ailments in the Healing Gardens.  I am a counselor by day, so I was excited to see a Psychology workshop at this festival: Somatic Psychology.  This workshop was focused on learning to really connect the mind to the body and allow the self to recognize emotions that we feel. I was reminded about focusing internally to express myself peacefully externally.

Friday came like a whirlwind. As the day turned to night, a whole new world was born. With headliners such as Quade, 2NUTZ, and ill.Gates, the night was setting out to be a sparkling adventure. The Lucid Stage set a dreamy atmosphere and as smoke filled the air, fractals of light made patterns in the sky. Across the audience a maze of colors drew itself in lights while we got down to ill.Gates, my favorite act from the night. I spent most of the night grooving in front of the speakers. While in the middle of a real funky song a giant jellyfish came floating across my face. Tentacles glowing this jellyfish cruised through the crowd – I couldn’t help but smile as I saw everyone around dancing beneath the giant sea creature.


 One could hear acoustic melodies buzzing through the air as Saturday morning approached. With the fresh squeeze of an orange, mimosas were being poured and the air smelled like bacon! I wondered the festival in search of something to eat. Not only was I granted that wish, I also was pleasantly surprised by a secret little nook in the Healing Garden selling the most delicious herbal hibiscus. And a special shout out to the amazing girl who gifted me some honey, because I had already lost my voice (no surprise there)!

Later that morning the Family Garden began humming and children were excitedly preparing for their very large parade. As cute little butterflies and feisty little tigers, the children roamed the streets casting smiles everywhere they went.  My favorite paraders were the beautiful little girls with shimmering wings, waving them back and forth so freely.


In the workshop world, Saturday was all about finding yourself and creating beauty with those around you. For couples, Tantra Vinyasa or Partner Poi. For Women, there was a “Stroking the Shakti” workshop which enabled desire and sexual energy. And there was never a lack of healing workshops. From healing within with, Ayurveda, or Theta, or healing environmentally with Nature Awareness, the presence of wisdom was everywhere.  Jess Dugan, my sparkle sister in crime, enjoyed the Stoking of the Shakti workshop specifically. Jess told me that it emboldened her connection with femine power.

My musical evening kicked off with MiHKAL, and our new favorite, He’s my Brother, She’s my Sister. North America has created a new genre of “experimental” music. Being defined as music that has an “unforeseeable outcome,” or music that “pushes against [the] boundaries or definitions.” And on Saturday night experimental music set the tone with artists such as ChrisB and Digital Rust, and finishing the night off with Gladkill.


Sunday was a day for yoga and MERMAIDS! Yoga could literally be found in every nook and cranny of this event. With special Warrior Yoga: for Strength, Courage, and Determination, or Barefoot n’ Beautiful Family Yoga, there was surely something incredible for every budding and expert yogi out there.

My Lucid family and I set up a blanket and an alfredo tortellini lunch picnic in front of the Audiawaska stage for most of the day. I met some of the most amazing new friends and grew even closer to the ones I had already known. New friends talked about how incredible this community is and made big plans together for a better future. We all discussed the projects of our different paths of lives, and what would be created if we brought all of those things together. I felt connected on a whole new level.

And amazingly enough, MERMAIDS were literally making a splash!

Save the Mermaids Foundation hit a very special place in the heart of Sparkleberry. By introducing mermaids as a symbol of protection, these sea warriors help raise awareness on the harmful effects of plastic pollution in our coastal waters.  This non-profit group is working to save our oceans through education and the elimination of unnecessary plastics. It is their intention to spark the need to  “Use-Less and Waste-Less” in everyone!  At Lucidity you could practice with them by making your own reusable shopping bag. The mermaids’ innovative ways allowed Jess the opportunity to make a reusable bag out of a vintage Spice Girls tee!


The mermaids even had fins! That’s right, by nightfall these chicks’ legs morphed into actual fish tails and swam in a performance pool! As the mermaids splashed water and dove beneath the surface, us land-walkers used our legs to boogie down to Sunday’s late night specials, Zion-I, ILL-ESHA, and the always mind-blowing Phutureprimitive.  As Sunday came to a close, a haze of magic lingered in the air.

Lucidity 2013 set up a blank canvas and by the end of the weekend it was camouflaged with every imaginable color of the rainbow. Throughout the weekend it was our hope to become a bright color on your canvas. Each day Sparkleberries of all smiles tackled Lucidity’s ground with actual strawberries and “Spread the Sparkle’ stickers!  With events such as this, we see hope and opportunity for communal growth outside of our festival world. We believe that if we can spread the sparkle largely enough at events, you too will want to spark your inner flame.


On that note, a poem from my experience:

As we roam the hills of lucid land, it becomes clear

it is time to release the ego, and shed all the fear

it is time to frolic and dance

it is time to give love a chance

our heart rhythm is beating

its time for a sacred meeting…

come one, come all

to the land of your soul call

where enchantment collides

and magic is your guide

Allow your dreams to come to life. Awaken your spirit and sing your heart song. Everyday. Without doubt. Without fear.

Here’s to forever with the wind beneath our wings !

IMG_1696This article was brought to you by Kendra Blum , the GLITTER BOMB ! <3 If you’re interested in contributing to Sparkleberry Lane please feel free to reach out to us directly at We’d love yo hear from you!


920398_649232921760636_2017999179_oPhotos collaboratively provided by Teddy Anderson!

Check out Teddy’s page for his Ugh-MazZzing album of Lucidity 2013!

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