Life is but a Dream: Lucidity Festival 2012
21 May 2012

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Last month, a group of conscious, compassionate, inspiring and awakened individuals gathered together in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

Or, they thought it would be sunny.

Mother Nature brought on quite the cleansing to the Live Oak Campground, a beautiful space of land just outside the metropolitan Santa Barbara area. The cleansing rain continued up until the first night of Lucidity Festival 2012, which was on Friday, April 13th (!), bringing a heavy downpour that left slopes of squishy sediment and giant pools of freshly fallen rain.

Boots were an excellent choice.  Crucial, really. Unless of course you just went for it like this little lady.

Photo by Drift Dodgers

The weather brought on a bit of a damper, but residual grumbles subsided as the final Sunday brought endless sunshine. The premeditated visions surrounding the Lucidity atmosphere were matched on this final day. Moods were as bright as the Sun-kissed environment, clothing layers were finally put away, and the day played out as the perfect representation of the lucid city that was promoted from the start throughout the formation of this festival.

The festival experience itself seemed to unravel in  this very dreamy way, flowing together ethereally as synchronicities intertwined, connecting each crystalline gem of  conscious experience together, finalizing as the colorful mandala of transformation and overflowing inspiration that was Lucidity 2012. As one of the first of many inspiring festivals to come this summer, Lucidity ignited sparks of creativity that are sure to be seen exponentially manifested later throughout this summer at such festivals as Lightning in a Bottle and Symbiosis Festival.

With the magical final Sunday came a feeling of walking with complete lucidity within waking reality.  Lucidity was a fitting term, as the festival encouraged digging deeper into our current realities to search for the deeper meaning, our inner truths, and the ever-present moment; which carries over fluidly through our dreaming and waking realities. To perceive life lucidly is to perceive life with clarity, understanding the illusion of duality as being just that, an illusion. Dreaming and waking, living and dying; the arrival of clear lucidity brings the unveiled truth of the eternal present. Life is but a waking dream, and “life” is but a series of ongoing deaths and rebirths; the rise and fall of the great Phoenix mirrors our eternal journey through the Cosmos. This festival encouraged and emanated the importance of recognizing the infinite potential we are all capable of accessing at any given moment.

Photo by Jessica Ann Hunter

Perhaps one of the more moving moments I experienced was the Universal Love Galactivation, led by Mark ‘DrDream’ Peebler. What stuck with me, and still resonates super loud within my soul, was this sentiment that he extended to us (and I am paraphrasing here): “those people that you are worried are not ready to accept your conscious evolution or that you feel will offer the most resistance are the ones that need you to show your highest self to THE MOST.” For, by us stepping into our highest selves, we allow fear to melt away in others; we give them permission to consciously evolve by simply embracing our own conscious evolution. This rang so true to me, it still gives me chills just thinking about it. I hope my conveyance of this truth does a fraction of justice to what Dr. Dream delivered on that Sunday of Lucidity Festival.

Lucidity offered what I think we are all striving to find: clarity. Because it is with clarity that we are able to fully grasp that we are indeed the ones we have been waiting for.  This idea is one that we all need to realize so that we can move forward into our highest potential. We are ALL exactly who we have been waiting for; this is THE time for us to do ALL the great things we have ever imagined; this is the time for us all to realize that everything we can dream can manifest into our reality- the tools are all at our infinite disposal. My gratitude for being a part of this conscious movement is inexpressible. For it is through community that we are at a greater advantage of discovering our unique pattern or purpose within the whole fabric of the universe. Lucidity’s promises of igniting spiritual transformation brought the exact pristine community that was destined to come together to this beautiful kick-off to the 2012 season of spiritually transformational festivals.

Ongoing lucid dreaming workshops encouraged guests to awaken to a greater picture of life as a waking dream by showing our potential for having an active role in co-creating within our dream realities- an idea that can then be translated over into our waking lives by allowing ourselves to step into our highest existence as co-creators of our own Realities.  The Dream Dome provided the main sanctuary for these dream-centered workshops. Being inside this cocoon was the closest reinterpretation to resting inside a cloud that I can imagine. That or a marshmallow. I believe the s’mores from my previous camping night in Big Sur brought about this massively oversized sensation of sugary encompassing.

Lucidity boasted an open-source transformational music festival. This meant that festival goers were encouraged to be just as much a part of the artistic expression throughout the festival as those who were putting it on. In taking this transformational inspiration from such festivals as Burning Man, Symbiosis, and Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity kept this new movement in festival culture flowing, encouraging everyone to reach well beyond their dreams, gaining a multi-dimensional understanding of our purposes here on Earth. As its first year, I think it did a great job of overflowing this new higher purpose within the festival scene.

As my friend Yaron Siev noted on the sporadic Burning Man-esque decorations sprinkled throughout the festival grounds, Lucidity was like a mini version of Burning Man. As I have not yet had the opportunity to experience Burning Man, he was trying to share this incredible weeklong journey to me. “Take this and multiply it by 200, and then you have Burning Man,” Yaron expressed as we were admiring the Flow Zone, an area by the main Lucid Stage containing white blow-up “trees” that glowed every color of the rainbow at night and provided flow space for all the spinners and spinning art vending carts, including Flow Toys and Holistic Hooping.

An interactive meditative space created from salvaged tree branches, which included beautiful chandeliers suspended from the trees above, displayed an intricate weaving of branches in a semi-circle: open arms of the Great Mother encouraging you to come and enjoy Presence on her ground. My first steps into this space were right after the last drops of the Blessed rainfall, and I immediately understood its purpose in cleansing the space. You could feel the cool, purifying energy from the natural elements which had graciously soaked up the rainfall as they lay in their artistically intended placements.

Photo by John Halcyon Styn

An additional nourishment to the eyes featured at the festival was the Walkable Woods, also seen at this past year’s Burning Man. A glide through this forest of geometric cardboard cut-outs presented varying hues of pink, magenta, and violet flowing throughout the panorama of your vision. Festivals are always great for taking in the intentional artistic touches that are truly a feast for the eyes. Along with this, of course, came the nourishing tunes throughout the festival, fueling the mind, body, and spirit through aural stimulation.

Photo by John Halcyon Styn

But stimulating the eyes and ears were not the only things on the minds of those organizing this transformational event. The Healing Sanctuary, one of six themed camping villages in the festival (the other five being Warrior’s Way, Family Garden, Renegade Outpost, Lover’s Nest, and Lunatic Fringe), provided space for free healing and bodywork, offering stimulation for the body and encouraging deep relaxation.

If everyone at Lucidity Festival did not find themselves at some point in ultimate relaxation, I would be surprised. The general feeling of those gathered in the beautiful space and overall tone of the weekend was incredibly blissed out.

Much of my Lucidity experience involved embracing the Divine Creativity that permeated through every corner of the festival grounds, whether it be in the art gallery enjoying some of Ron Jon’s worldly teas while soaking in the incredible artistic talent from such artists as Ashley Foreman and Ishka Lha, or in channeling creativity through my own physical vessel alongside the other live painters.

photo by Jordan Quintero

The ultimate highlight of my Lucidity Festival, the one that painted my vivid preliminary dreams of this much anticipated event, were the psexy psychedelic psounds that emanated from the Lucid Stage on Sunday, beginning with Random Rab, floating into some Earth Harp action, and cascading through the transcendent tones of Russ Liquid, Gladkill, and Phutureprimitive.

Lucidity Festival, like all transformational festivals, invited attendees to step into their highest selves, immersing in the Present moment and taking on an active role in creating one’s conscious reality. I watched in calm awareness as I stepped into my highest reality, painting alongside incredible visionary artists to the right of the Lucid Stage, allowing the beautifully fluid aural pleasures to swirl through our ears, igniting Divine Inspiration within my consciousness. As Divine Creative energy flowed into my receiving left hand and cascaded from my tingling right hand, my brush provided the means of manifesting physically this energy as waves of vibrantly colored acrylic pigment onto a small slice of a tree trunk.

‘Shamaness’ painting (in progress) by Jessica Ann Hunter

As Jeet Kei Leung states in his Ted Talk regarding this new movement in festivals, “…what we are witnessing with these new transformational festivals is nothing less than the rejoining of the sacred ritual and the secular festival.” These gatherings are opportunities to remember our highest existence as sacred beings of light, and to come together as a group for a purpose that is greater than ourselves. In joining our collective energies together for such purposes as conscious evolution and healing our Mother Earth, we are igniting thousands of times greater power for these purposes than could be done on our own. It is our responsibility as conscious beings to fully utilize these opportunities during this very important time, and to come together to help one another step into our own unique truths, our Highest Destinies.



This article was brought to you by a beautiful Goddess of Creativity, Jessica Ann Hunter.  If you’d like to share one of your experiences on, contact


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