Biscuits & Lasers: 10 Outrageous Shots from Philadelphia
26 Feb 2015

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If you’ve heard of the Disco Biscuits then you’ve probably heard about their otherworldly lasers too. In fact,  the lasers, along with the heavy jams, act as drug – a psychedelic of sorts- which keep fans hooked and coming back for more.  Like chips and salsa, lasers and biscuits were a match made in heaven; a combination so good, one will forever crave them together.

Last weekend, the band played a three night run on their home turf in Philadelphia.   While some of us had the pleasure of live streaming the shows from the Electric Factory to our living rooms ( thank you! ) some berries were able to get up close and real personal with the lasers themselves.  In this photo spread, Sparkleberry Lane highlights the top ten laser shots captured through the eyes behind Druf photography.  For Dan Druf’s full album of the February ’15 run, including phan photos, please visit Sparkleberry Lane’s Facebook here.

Click photos to enlarge images (wear 3d glasses if you have them)!

1. Munchkin Invasion

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-2

2. Reach out and Touch Me

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-61

3. I pledge allegiance to the Disco Biscuits

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-36

4. And the United World of Lasers

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-97

5. Laser Wind Blew Through His Hair

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-40

6. The Aura of Rainbow Brite

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-24

7. Watermelon Tourmaline

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-114

8.  Pink Panther Found Nothing

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-62

9. Orange’s  Crush on Blue

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-99

10. Above the Waves, Going Under !

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-37

Photos by:  DRUF

Lasers by: Lightwave International

Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory-72

 Catch these lasers with the Sparkleberries in Colorado for Bisco Inferno happening on 4/15 through 4/18 !

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