Kinnection Campout brings Transformational Fest Culture to Full Fruition on the East Coast
12 Apr 2015

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The 4th annual Kinnection Campout kicks off on May 14th, and it’s on a mission “to bring people together for the purposes of enlivening the soul, strengthening our feeling of interconnectedness, and deepening our experience of walking this planet.”

Not only is Kinnection Campout being thrown by Tribal Council– a group pioneering the transformational fest culture on the East Coast- but also, the event is taking place just outside of Asheville, NC on the ever so sacred grounds of Deerfields. Home to STS9’s first ever Re:Generation Festival held in 2007 and bookmark event, Trinumeral Festival 9.9.9.

For those of you who don’t know, Trinumeral Festival was the turning point for many members within our beloved festival community including the organizers of Lost in Sound and Caeli La; it’s where founding members of Sparkleberry Lane, Christina Sava, Josh Coyle and myself- Jess Dugan- first met.

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“While Deerfields has been hosting small music festivals and regional burns for decades, it has not hosted an event of this kind since STS9’s Re:Generation Festival and Trinumeral 9.9.9.” — Tribal Council

Grateful for the opportunity to show Deerfields how our culture has evolved over the past six years, Tribal Council’s organizers look forward to treating this holy property respectfully. The event, which lasts through May 17th, will host over 100 hours of educational programs, including workshops on permaculture, acroyoga, non-violent communication and bird identification. Kinnection is among a very few number of festivals of this kind to make their mark on the east side of the United States (in fact, Tribal Council has collaborated with nearly all of the other such east coast festivals) .

Tribal Council has created an Elemental theme for this year’s Kinnection Campout. Throughout the gathering participants may find themselves dancing in front of the Earth Stage, meditating  at the Water Alter, setting intentions around the Sacred Fires or practicing yoga in the Air Temple.

  “As a small symbolic step towards rekinnecting with these natural forces upon which all life depends, we have chosen the timeless Elemental theme for the four major spaces of our gathering.”  – Tribal Council

Surrounded by 1000’s of acres of the Pisgah National Forest, headlining musicians Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Ott, Merkaba, and Bluetech are sure to transmit pious vibes through the vibrations of their sacred music. Supporting artists include, but are not limited to, Gken-E, Futexture and Infinite Geometry aka visual artist Andy Reed.

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 Mid-May is probably one of the best times to experience the mountains of North Carolina, as they will be in the peak of Spring time glory, with warm sunny days and cool, refreshing nights. And, sparkle bonus: Deerfields’ campgrounds has two gorgeous swimming lakes fit for a refreshing plunge after your yoga class, hike around the grounds, or sweaty get down to one of the many talented musicians sound-tracking the event.

If you’re on the east coast and not yet sure where to invest your festival money this year, be sure to have Kinnection Campout on your list this season. The individuals working behind this production have set the best intentions and are facilitating this experience with the hopes of empowering us as individuals, and as a family, to be a source of change for the betterment of our beings and the world as a whole in mind.

Tickets are on sale now for $140 in their second tier and will climb to $160 in a third tier.

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We hope to see you there!

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