Good People, Great Music and Wild Woods
09 Aug 2015

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A Preview for Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival

August 14th – 16th, 2015

Croyden, NH

Written by Ricky Acevedo


I’ve got this point of view that regardless of where ya’ are, it’s those who you surround yourself with that make it. “It” being that from the soul sorta’ feeling, when everything clicks together and it’s just right. Think back to the best memories you can never forget, chances are the spontaneity of that time and place had no watch or phone. I bet you probably didn’t even expect it, the memories that is. I can only assume that everything was almost magical, just didn’t have to force it or plan for that matter.

It’s been a year to ramble – change has been in the air and I couldn’t recall a time or place in my own head where I 10726746_10203291141539398_1727496918_nsaw so much possibility out there. I mean, look at yourselves. Information right at your fingertips, instantaneous & mass communication, and the social awareness to top it off. Our lives; our world, is becoming transparent. Each of us is finally starting to wake up. Shit, you’re probably asking yourself what’s this got to do with Wild Woods or the rain in Spain. Well I mean, we’re gathering together to fulfill our internal desires. Maybe it’s to get extra funky with Kung-Fu or elevate your vibration with Consider The Source. I can’t call it, all I know is we’re all together, and that means something more than my anticipation or expectation can even comprehend. Make some magic in this world y’all. 

Either way, that’s neither here nor there, the real deal is this amazing adventure: Wild Woods Music & Arts Festival. Right on Page’s Farm in Croydon, NH (follow the link for the address & drive safe y’all)  is where ya’ want to be if you have no plans this weekend. Tickets are still extremely reasonable at $120 for the weekend pass, and day passes for Saturday & Sunday are also an option if you’re just passing through! Really excited about the overall turnout for Wild Woods, there’s such a diverse group of artist which should result in a wonderful mix of music lovers. It’ll be my first time attending the festival, but I already feel at home. From reading some of the posts on Reddit & Facebook, I’ve really seen nothing but positivity and unity.


Green Vibe Entertainment & Magic Hat Brewing Co. have outdone themselves. Right on the Wild Woods homepage, you’ll see their mission statement: “Our Mission at Wild Woods is to create a positive community centered around music and the arts. We aim to provide the best possible festival experience while placing the safety of our patrons and Mother Earth above all else.” It’s really awesome to be a part of that concept. I’m always disheartened when I leave a festival and see the traces of people who don’t really have much respect for the world around them. So please remember to leave the grounds better off than when we came!


This lineup really kicks ass! Some of the artist I’ve had the honor to see & some I’ve never even heard of. That’s part of the magic; falling in love with some new tunes. As Jerry would tell you, “The Music Never Stops.” I’ve already taken time to give each artist a listen in. Totally looking forward to Revibe’s set this upcoming weekend. The four-piece from Vermont has some super funky progressions. They seem like a good band to groove out to. Let’s be honest, sometimes we all need that really ugly-faced (I really hope you know what I mean),  kick-down-the-door kinda’ funk. This is a set you should not miss! Since listening to all these bands, I’ve also really been diggin’ on Stop Tito Collective – it seems to vary from really smooth Reggae to that super jam funk and rock. Diversity within songs just shows the musicianship this crew is all about. Levitation Jones, must I say anymore? Nothing but passion and a great environment is what to expect from this brother’s set. I had the pleasure of kickin’ back with him at Camp Bisco; I had no idea who he was but his vibe was totally righteous. Show some support and check him if you can! Honestly, I have so much to say about all these wonderful artists. I mean, come on! Look at that lineup!!!! Werks! Wiley Griffen! Pigeons Playing Ping Pong! There’s so much to see, so much wonderful music to celebrate with.


Harsh Armadillo 

Making me the happiest fester on the planet are some of these workshops going on at Wild Woods. The Szpunakapeda Bandita Art Collective will be hosting quite a number of workshops that I hope to attend. Wire Wrapping 101 (held by Jen Jones) & Intro to Mandala Drawing (hosted by Ashley Yang) are two that I’ve had my10717927_10203291142139413_729742660_n eyes on. They’ll also have workshops with Silhouettes, Yantra, Stencil Drawing, Portrait Painting, and Surrealist Games; all held by amazing artists. There is always something to learn, even for those of you with all those snazzy skills! Andie & Nicole, joined by some of the Wildling hoopers, will have some serious flow jams going on throughout the festival. For those of you starting out or if you want some flow friends to crush it with you’ll want to ch-ch-check it out!

Make sure to get your daily yoga with Hope Milagro. I was never the biggest fan of yoga – let’s face it, I’m totally not flexible and getting up after a long night didn’t seem so ideal. I couldn’t be further from the truth! Hope’s Restorative yoga “is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Poses are gentle and healing, and are held for longer periods of time allowing a deeper release in the body and mind.” Don’t miss out, we all need to get a little pep back into our step for each day. You’ll be thankful you joined! After or before yoga make sure to grab some tea. Holistic Village and the Moondream Tea are teaming up to offer us the finest blends of tea, as well as some workshops.


My friends, please don’t miss out on any of this. There’s so much energy that goes into everything here at Wild Woods. From the artist to the people that have to search your car, all of it just adds up to a great festival experience. Please be good, be kind, don’t expect to wait too long in line; but if you do, just remember I’ll probably be waiting too!


Harsh Armadillo 

With all the love, hope to see ya’ there

-Ramblin Rick

Photos by Jordan Lenes

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