Gonzo debrief from Phish, night two, at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco
29 Oct 2014

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It was early in the evening when I first noticed the icky stick to the floor upon my shoe. I wondered how I was supposed to dance in these conditions and hoped the crowd surrounding me would continue to spill their drinks; I’ll take slide over stick anytime when it comes to dancing on an auditorium floor.

 Set 1: Crowd ControlMike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug GrooveWingsuitWater in the SkyPlasmaHalfway to the Moon > Poor HeartGumbo -> Sanity > Run Like an Antelope

Set one came with a few realizations and so did I during that nasty Gumbo>Sanity>Run Like An Antelope. These are my notes.

1. Phans who buy their tour posters at the beginning of the show, prevent it from wrinkling, and hold it tight throughout the duration of the concert are dedicated to keeping their experience and art crisp. I could never do that! Props to them.

2. Phuck yeah, I groundscored some Oakleys; a tribute to my sober-rage. Thanks for the green light, Universe.

3. Last year I manifested Carini through an adventurous orgasm and this year my Phish powers have been reinforced. Here’s how:

Phishing in the bright lights.My computer recently crashed and without my heady soundboards, I’ve tentatively been dependent upon Spotify for my jams (yes, I know there are other resources out there -this has been a bluetooth/ car specific situation!)

Spotify’s limited collection has left me listening to Apline Valley ’10 frequently as it is the only show on the app featuring Gumbo. When listening, I’ve started each playback at Gumbo and have since managed to hear it magically unfold into Antelope at least six times before last night. Is it so wrong for me to believe that my repetitive listening manifested an almost identical sequence where Trey teased Gumbo all through Sanity and Antelope? I think not.

4. By the end of set one someone had crowned me with a piece of light pollution. In attempt not to be rude, I pulled the glow stick from my head and stuck it together around my neck. It wasn’t until I roamed the venue’s halls during break that I remembered the light shining embarrassment around me. Ashamed, I nonchalantly pulled the blue brightness off and stashed it in an abandoned pile of drinks. One way or another, no matter how much I dislike them, I’m going to end up with a glow stick on me.

For set two I convened with Ants on a Log; a core group of Colorado friends who just so happen to be some of my favorite people to see live jam with.

And the crowd goes crazy!

And the crowd goes crazy!

Set 2: Kill Devil Falls > Mountains in the Mist, Fuego > Julius, Twist > Runaway Jim > Harry Hood

I’ve always disliked Kill Devil Falls, but a sexy man’s whisper in my ear, “Anything works in set two,” would uncrack this four-year-old code. Optimistic and open to it’s jam I survived my first Kill Devil Falls with only one complaint.

Twist was a spacey weird one and with the right dose of dark I breathed deep and moved ecstatically through its sound waves. Peacefully, I crept my way through the twisted jam but was soon startled by a loud bang-pop! A balloon has never burst in my face at a show before and this explosion frightened the cute girl I had just met from Maui and I. “Eeek!” We shrieked in fear at the balloons floating above us, held each other tight and then grooved back into our phlow.

Runaway Jim was fantastic and brought me right back to night three of the ’13 SF run as it then came before Carini, my orgasm manifestation. How on earth could I forget that?

Ending to ze night!

Ending to ze night!

Harry Hood, what? Is that a mistake on Phish.net’s setlist? I have no recollection of that happening and can’t seem to pin point where I might have been during that song. There’s no way I could have missed that or did I? Show nerds, some clarification please!

The encore for the evening was Loving Cup; a slow song that gave me permission to exit the Bill Graham early and wander about the lawn scene, a second home away from home. Apologies to those of you who are a fan! My crystal ball didn’t foresee the funk I would like to end my night on from that song. I will forever be learning how to love the romantic side of Phish.

Will I go back for night three tonight? Only a few hours time will tell.

Unknownp.s. You can twerk a little to Phish, my favorite discovery of the night.

p.p.s. I bought a Divided Sky shirt on lot. My berry phirst Phish merch!

Special thanks to Rene Huemer & Phish for the photos.




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