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04 Mar 2012

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The Disco Biscuits are on an “unofficial” hiatus until Camp Bisco (with desperate hopes of a few dates added in between), so for the first time in a long while, there are no Biscuit shows to go see.  Speculation among fans about why this is happening have been through ups and downs over the past year but it seems that everyone has come to an understanding and reluctant acceptance of it.  The Disco Biscuits played a fantastic five night run for New Years with three shows in New York City at Best Buy Theater, and two in Chicago at the Auditorium Theater.  I was fortunate enough to make the whole run, and every night had great moments that reminded me why I love the Disco Biscuits and why I continue to travel everywhere for them.  My favorite of the nights were definitely 12/27 and 12/28 (late night post-Phish) because the band seemed to be clicking like the old days, and Barber stepped his game up as compared to the first night and shows from earlier in 2011.  The Biscuits then played down in Mexico at Mayan Holidaze and really gave the attendees what they wanted to hear musically and left on a high note until Camp Bisco.

Between that time, Marc Brownstein and Aaron Magner have continued touring with their side-project Conspirator, welcoming Chris Michetti on guitar.  As of late, they have been rotating drummers, but for the recent Colorado run, KJ Sawka (Pendulum) played the majority of the shows.  I’ve seen Conspirator play in many different situations and locations, mostly for after parties, but this time was definitely something new.  Usually the band consists of only keys, bass, and drums, while Magner also does some DJing.  The addition of Michetti takes this endeavor to a new level.

The first two nights in Fort Collins and Boulder featured the band playing through new and old Conspirator songs, Sawka playing the entire show with the exception of Orch Theme in Fort Collins and Digital Buddha (Tractorbeam style) in Boulder.  Allen sat in for these songs and reminded the audience of his amazing talent, which was also on display during his opening sets as DrFameus.  The human drum machine that is Allen Aucoin completely served it up to the audience with his own eclectic take on all styles of electronic music.   Chris Michetti is a very talented guitarist and his technical, precise style seems to mesh with the electronic jams of Conspirator in a way that hasn’t been present before.  Conspirator, to me, is the electronic music pursuit of Brownstein and Magner that they don’t get to focus on as deeply with The Disco Biscuits, a band with a phenomenal mix of electronic trance and rock music.  The new Conspirator songs remind me of Euro house music or Disco pop, but they all hold their own in a live setting.

The last night took place at The Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO and was sure to be special.   KJ Sawka was forced to leave the stage due to a family emergency, leaving Allen to sit in for the entire show.  Brownstein wrote a set list featuring many songs usually performed by The Disco Biscuits, a la Tractorbeam style.   At times the slight similarities but more widespread difference between Barber and Michetti’s styles created mixed feelings for me as a die hard Biscuits fan, but overall I thoroughly loved the show and had a blast with so many great friends.

Supporting musicians who have done so much for us throughout the years is important as fans, and the way the Biscuits’ style has evolved considerably with every tour, there are sure to be many developments in Conspirator’s style as well.  So get your Conspiratour tickets and rage.  And of course, see you at Camp Bisco XI!

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