Space Out with the Polish Ambassador!
15 Jun 2011

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David Sugalski, also known as the Polish Ambassador, recently dropped his first album on renowned lable  1320 Records. Future, Sex, Computers is a compilation of reggae-dub and melodic beats with glitchy vocals and transient female overlaps. The Polish Ambassador notoriously produces downright dirty remixes of some of our favorite artists like Bassnectar and Radiohead (love his take on Fake Plastic Trees), producing an eclectic mix of aural satisfaction. I’ve been hooked on his awesome free downloads that you can find on his facebook page for quite sometime now. The new album is infused with trancey beeps and a wide variety of different tempos, from some serious trip-hop electro to a more loungy-downtempo style that really gets your feet moving. The Polish Ambassador brings a dance party you don’t want to miss, make sure to save the date next time he’s in your town!

Congratulations on this new album drop, what inspired its variety of sounds?

I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources. For instance, all the things I smelled the day I was born. Or the way jell-o feels between your toes. Or the trance like state one enters when one plays with their chest hair. All of these actions, memories, and sensations are manifested through my bleeps and beats. Take another listen. It’ll all make sense.

How do you choose the songs you want to remix?

I keep my ear to the streets, nah mean? If you lay down on any paved surface and cup your ear to the asphalt, macadam, concrete, or what have you, the streets will let you know what to remix. They have great taste in music. Be warned though, that gravel, no matter how fine and compact won’t tell you jack. Believe me, I’ve tried. Gravel is simply too cool for school.

Do you see any major differences from touring on the East and West coasts?

The coasts are pretty much the same. It’s the meat in the middle where all the interesting variations occur. Like any good sandwich.

Can we find you at any music festivals this summer? Are there any that you particularly enjoy playing at?

You can find the festivals where I’ll be appearing this summer on  my website and facebook page. The festival I most enjoy playing is a festival that humans won’t be able to attend until they get their space programs back on track. It’s called Sal’s Mouthwatering Pizza Party and takes place roughly every 3 earth years. The sensation one gets from attending this festival is like being schooled by an Allen Iverson crossover. You fall on your ass trying to keep up and that’s a little embarrassing, but you shrug it off because you know you are in the presence of greatness.

Do you have a favorite new album?

Since I perceive time spatially and all at once, everything is always new to me and nothing is old. Everything is always happening now. But if you had to twist my arm, though I wish you wouldn’t because I have delicate skin that easily bruises, I’d have to say Elton John’s “Goodbye to Yellowbrick Road”

What kind of music did you grow up on and how did it influence the music you make  today?

I often reference my boyhood heroes (if you can even call my larvae-like gestational period a boyhood) the O-Town Boyz.  To support my belief in their value as artists you should know that their hit track “where the party at?” is played before every meeting of the General Assembly at the UN for its healing power and dance-ability. Other than the O-Town Boyz, mostly Lionel Ritchie, Billy Joel, Toto, and Weird Al Yankovic. These great artists taught me that the only thing that matters is your feelings. All else will fall into place.

You play in Charleston pretty frequently- anything in particular that keeps bringing you back?

The restorative powers of the air quality of the Carolina coast. Without it my psoriasis would be out of control. It’s the same reason why I reside mostly in the Bay Area. Also, those Southerners love to party and dance until they put holes in their boating shoes.

What are you hoping to gain through your musical ventures in 2011?

Mainly a better understanding of how traffic jams form when there is no accident and maybe a new pair of hightops.

Is Spleekor your alter-ego? What delicious snacks are you in search of?

The secret of Spleekor cannot be revealed at this time. Sorry. It’s just a legal can of worms I’d rather not open. Speaking of worms, I’m in search of those gummy worms that taste like sour patch kids. That’s a killer combo.

1320 Records has a slew of exceptionally innovative artists… and a few of my absolute favorites. Anyone we should keep an eye out for? If you could tour with anyone else with 1320, who would it be?

Yes, there are many artists doing big things, small things, and medium sized things on 1320 records. It would be undiplomatic of me to promote any one artist out of the lot. OK. Fine. I hear Ample Mammal is going to release something with those guys. He is easily the best artist on 1320 other than myself. With every dollar you want to give me, you should give him two.

Sparkleberry Lane believes that with a conscious mind and consideration for the world and others, we can collectively make a difference. How do you think music can contribute to solving problems in our world?

Dancing will save the world and I help people dance. “Hero” is a strong word but one that I think best describes me AND the type of sandwiches I like to eat.

How do you personally practice conscious living? Is there anything you try to do to improve the longevity of our world?

I eat local and fresh and organic and all that crap, but more importantly I’m in talks with a group of comrades to find a new battery for the sun. The one she’s got now is scheduled to die out in approximately 5 billion years. I plan on making beats for about 6 billion years so we need to keep that going.

Optional message to your fans:

Stroke your kitties, love your mothers, and know that anything over SPF 50 is a hoax.

Check out the Polish Ambassador on his current tour!

Bloomington, IN @ The Bluebird Thursday June 16

Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge Friday June 17

Durango, CO @ The Abbey Theatre Saturday June 18

North Plains, OR @ Horning’s Hideout Thursday June 23

Belden, CA @ Belden Town Saturday July 2

Chicago, IL @ Double Door Saturday July 23

Ghent, NY @ Sunnyview Farm Saturday July 30

Gore, VA @ Cove Campground Saturday July 30

San Francisco, CA @ Temple NightClub Friday August 12


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