Firefly Gathering Preview: A Desire to Inspire
03 May 2013

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Flagstaff, Arizona will be hosting the fourth annual Firefly Gathering in less than two months. From humble beginnings, Firefly Gathering has more than doubled in its attendance and participation each year. The family grows with the anticipation and excitement for this annual gathering. From June 27th to July 1st Flagstaff’s forest will be occupied with two to three thousand individuals ready to raise the vibration and bask in the blissful epicenter of this small mountain town.

Firefly’s Mission: An intentional gathering focused on manifesting our vision of a co-creative, nurturing, and loving community that fosters a healing, healthy lifestyle partnered with conscious celebration and a spiritual peak experience. When we come together to celebrate our ONE-ness, we all experience transformation through inspiration resulting in personal and planetary evolution.

Like the birth and evolution of all great festivals, Firefly started with an idea and the motivation to instill a positive change in the community. Since being founded in 2010, they’ve already formed a reputable name for themselves as new-aged visionaries.   Firefly aims to align mindful practices with play for an unforgettable community-oriented event. Placed on the Bloom Transformational Festival World Map, Firefly Gathering stands by epic festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Beloved, and Electric Forest (which is taking place in Rothbury, Michigan in the same weekend) in terms of contribution to the transformational festival circuit. This recognition sheds light upon Firefly’s powerful vision, and proves that although this may be a smaller scale festival, it still has so much to offer.

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Upon entering the grounds, the scent of pine lingers in the crisp mountainous air, complimented by the crunch of nature beneath your feet. Taking place on private land attendees will be blessed with open grassy fields and cozy wooded coves granting us both the openness and the intimacy we desire.  The weather is expected to be from 70-80 degrees in the day with nights as cold as 50 degrees- but remember mountain weather changes like the time so prepare for high wind and potential rain just in case!

Flagstaff was declared the first International Dark Sky City, meaning restrictions on city lights will have all Fireflies shining bright into the night. Often blessed with a spread of galactic glitter the star scatter is always a cosmic blessing in this space lovin’ town. As with most festivals this is a Leave It Better event, so make sure whatever you plan to bring in, you have a way to bring out as well. The only thing we leave behind is good vibes!

Firefly will be set up village style, with each space dedicated to a special sacred practice.
The Giving Room for healers and healee’s, the Higher Consciousness workshop space,  the painters and artists hub, the Lil Bugg Ville for the kids, and of course the performance arts and yoga spaces. Dedicating each space to a purpose allows attendees to mindfully float from space to space knowing that the place they are entering has been prepared with the intention of enhancing their individual experience.

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For everyone that has the opportunity to be a part of this event you will not only be graced with a wholesome and beautiful gathering of loving and compassionate people and activities, but also an amazing line up of talented grooves! Thriftworks, will be getting drippy, trippy, and squishy as usual. Joining him will be Desert Dwellers , Bird of Prey, KiloWatts and heaps of local talent, including Flagstaff’s own Acidisco, Safi’s Lab, and Jahmontee.  For those who attended Flagstaff’s Kaleidoscope Kamp Out back in September there will be a lot of familiar faces returning to the forest including Project Aspect, Circus Bacchus, Endoplasmic and Spafford.

This is an occasion where individuality and expression are not only embraced but encouraged. An event where minds of all ages can collaborate and create even more than they thought possible.  Sparkleberry Lane is pleasurably privileged to be a part of Firefly’s growing community of loving, creative, and inspiring people. Through the celebration, we have been granted the opportunity to be involved in a community effort to enlighten and enrich each other’s lives!

Snag up Early Bird tickets to Firefly while you still can. We hope to see you in the forest!

Special Ticket Give Away: Sparkleberry Lane will be giving one lucky berry a free pass to this year’s event. Stay tuned in with our Facebook for your chance to win this berry special surprise!

And don’t forget to look for us handing out those Spread the Sparkle stickers and yummy Strawberries!

Bless it!


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