Festifull of Love: Lightning in a Bottle gives the biggest bang for a fest-goers buck!
27 Mar 2015

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Let’s face it. Going to festivals ain’t cheap. Maybe the ticket price is reasonable, but perhaps you have to fly, or drive states away to get there. You might want to bring provisions, or you might have to pay for food at the venue. You may be investing in a couple new heady organic cotton one-pieces or rave hoods to complete your outfit, and let’s not even mention all the amazingly awesome shiny handmade things that are going to be tempting you to pull out your wallet or dig into your neon fanny pack at the festival itself. So if you are going to make that kind of an investment, don’t you want to get the most jam-packed festival experience you can? What if you could combine a wellness retreat, educational seminar weekend, and music festival all in one? Read on, intrepid traveler, because you get all that and so much more when you invest your festy money in the Lightning in a Bottle experience.


The West Coast has developed a distinctive style of music festival that stimulates all the senses, seeks to uplift, educate, enlighten, and connect the community in attendance to something bigger than themselves. It is now common to see yoga and speaker lineups next to musical lineups in the pages of a festival program. This is a great development in festival culture, and California’s Lightning in a Bottle is the crème de la crème of west coast festivals. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.57.02 PMThe Do-Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle is organized into different immersive environments that allow one to travel from art shows to –> comedy acts –> cooking workshops –> musical performances –> yoga classes –> organic eateries. Some immersive environments to keep an eye out for this year include the Art, the Village, and, of course, the famous Lucent Temple of Consciousness.

The Art….


Throughout the duration of the festival, some of the country’s most inspirational artists will be working on pieces to be auctioned off through the Do-Art Foundation, the art non-profit arm of The Do-Lab, which supports the creation of public art programs. And as you walk through the festival grounds, be sure to keep an eye out for the interactive art sculptures and architectural pieces.

The Village…


The Village is another environment we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in.

“It’s an interactive, intergenerational, education-based environment focused on earth based wisdom traditions and the skills necessary to be a sustainable, thriving, interdependent community.”

You can stop by The Village for classes in ancestral arts like carving and weaving, and presentations and story-telling by Indigenous Elders seeking to guide our generation towards greater harmony with our Earth and each other.

The Lucent Temple of Consciousness…

And then there is the jewel in the crown of LiB, the unparalleled Lucent Temple of Consciousness, which has expanded its already immense offerings for 2015. Sure to be the setting of many “Ah-Ha!” moments, it’s a place to let go of our mainstream programmed ways of thinking and step into a new reality of limitless being. “The Temple is a sacred refuge, devoted to deepening our understanding of self, science, ecology, and phenomena;” by day it will host a multitude of speakers and healing arts practitioners on its Main Stage, in The Mystery School, The Learning Kitchen, and The Pineal Playground. By night, DJs, musicians and performers will transform The Temple into a soul groove get down.


In addition, The Temple will host some of the most skilled and knowledgeable movement arts teachers in the game today. You’ll have to figure out how to pace yourself, because the days will be filled with back to back flow classes to help you release whatever energies are stuck in your body vehicle, so you can really let loose on the dance floor after the sun sets. Movement is such an important way to connect with our essence and the life force that flows and will guide you to your highest potential if you allow it; the healing movement experiences you immerse in at LiB are sure to serve you for lifetimes to come. And when you need to immerse yourself in stillness and let all the goodness settle into your bones, you can drop into the Meditation Nest and enjoy your breath and an amazing view of the sunset.

Are you convinced yet?

Believe it or not, there is going to be a full musical lineup on top of all this. Flume, Sbtrkt, and Odesza are some of the headliners this year, and they are joined by a great variety of artists playing everything from nu-disco to mountain folk tunes. Check out the Lineup and keep an out in the coming weeks for further music and speaker announcements. But even if you didn’t see a single artist you recognized or enjoyed on the lineup, I would still recommend that you go to LiB. Many people who have little to no interest in staying up late to boogie go to LiB for the days packed full of movement classes, educational workshops, intriguing talks, and superb art displays.

Since money talks, and conscious consumerism is widely promoted these days, when you buy a ticket to LiB you can also feel good knowing you are supporting The Greenest Festival in America! LiB was audited by A Greener Festival from 2010 – 2014 and won the Outstanding Award each year for its greening initiatives such as energy use reduction and carbon off-set investments, and its strict Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful policy. LiB asks each of us to take an active role in making this a green festival by not disrespecting the land on which we dance, placing our trash in the proper receptacles, and leaving our campsites cleaner than how we found them.

Always striving to improve on an already top-notch experience, the festival team is promising more shade, less dust, and better (free) water stations this year. LiB is a family friendly festival as well.

 If you could only go to one festival this year…


We can say from **Sparkleberry Experience** that this would be the one to invest in. We use the word invest because that’s exactly what it is- an investment towards the actualization of your highest potential. Done right, it’s the most learning, healing, playing, laughing, wonderment and bliss that one could pack into 4 days under the California sun.

To help pave your way, they offer payment plans so you can get your ticket for only $65 plus fees today. We hope to see you in Bradley, California this Memorial Day weekend!

*All photos sourced from the LightninginaBottle.org website.

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