Early Attic: Song of the Week 2/8
08 Feb 2012

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Early Attic, a four-piece indie/electro band from Buffalo, NY, recently submitted their intelligent music to Sparkleberrylane.com. Their sound infuses a familiar style and reminds me of Postal Service meets Album Leaf. Early Attic’s music is beautiful and emotionally charged with vibrations young lovers would make precious love to.  As I sit here and review their familiar but improvised sound I smile reflecting back on the genres of music I’ve ventured through in life. I have exactly an hour left of being 23 years old and I feel gratefully free and at the same time completely grounded, ready to dive into 24. Here’s to life’s reflections, the birth of an incredible artist, Early Attic, and to each of you everywhere. Cheers!


Listen to “Letters” and celebrate 24 with me:

[audio:http://sparkleberrylane.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/02-Letters-Remix-1.mp3|titles=02 Letters (Remix) 1]

Download tracks off Early Attic’s upcoming album here!

Like this awesome band here!

Thank You Early Attic!

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