Celebrate the Summer Solstice with the ZIONTIFIC Family
05 Jun 2015

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A Preview for Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival

June 19-22, 2015 – Stockbridge, VT


ZIONTIFIC Productions’ Summer Solstice Music Festival will once again return to the Green Mountains of Vermont for its 5th year in celebration of the day that shines longest. There are many reasons to celebrate this Summer Solstice: it’s the first day of a cool summer; it’s the International Day of Yoga, and it brings the transition into Dakshinayana – the six-month period following the Summer Solstice that is also believed to be a fine time for spiritual healing in the splendor of nature (thanks again, Wikipedia). There are also many reasons to be celebrating this very fine time alongside the ZIONTIFIC family, and they are:



The Location

Music can be enjoyed just about anywhere to a similar end, but there really is something more when you are able to enjoy it amidst a beautiful portrait. Patrons of this event will not only be greeted with a fantastic time and friendly faces, but also with a righteous landscape to help fuel the spirit. High peaks plentifully bestrewn with full trees slope down into stretches of soft green, funneling all forms of life toward the electric sounds of music, the heart’s beat. I can think of few better places for such an event at such a time – have a look.

zion tents

Photo courtesy of ZIONTIFIC Productions

The Music

The sounds of this festival are primarily that of reggae and conscious hip hop, with acts such as Roots of Creation, The Alchemystics, I anbassa, and The Movement. Purveyors of funk and soul will also take the stages, with performances from Sophistafunk and Harsh Armadillo; although, each of these acts are not limited to such genres and they span far from few simple words. You will also see the return of Bujak Live’s Silent Disco, and each of the aforementioned artists will be returning as proven members of the ZIONTIFIC Family. New additions to the family are Rootz Underground, Sun-Dried Vibes, Lucid and Signal Fire, along with many others. Click here to see the full lineup.

I Anbassa

I anbassa

The Family

There is a strong sense of community at ZIONTIFIC, and upon arrival you will soon feel to be a part of it. This festival boasts a strong family presence and they live up to it in many ways. Aside from familiar musical acts and friendly faces, they provide free admission to children under the age of eleven, along with a kidZone that is full of activities and workshops. These will include mask making, hula hoop lessons, field day games, river rock painting and more, and we will also see the return of Cosmic Karma Fire who captivate spectators with wild displays of spinning fire. This year’s event will also fall on Father’s Day, and what a better way to celebrate the occasion than with great music, fun activities and a new found family?


The Consciousness

ZIONTIFIC places equal emphasis on consciousness and sustainability as they do toward family and the arts. Their hope is that individuals will not only create an ideal community within the festival grounds, but also that they will take such notions out to the world in order to make it a better place for ourselves and future generations. ZIONTIFIC is partnered with non-profits like Mother Nature’s Army, Strangers Helping Strangers and The Root Center, all of whom will be teaching seekers how they can help the world. Be sure to seek such knowledge and do your part in keeping this planet healthy and full of beautiful life.


Tickets are still available for only $90 but only until this Sunday (June 7th), so be sure to get them before the price goes up. They also have 2 for 1 VIP upgrades, and there are only Sunday single tickets available. But at such a low price for such a fantastic weekend of fun and life, one can hardly complain. Events so fine as ZIONTIFIC are a rare occurrence and they are something to be sought, even if only on a whim. My fondest memories have begun by an impulse, and it would be true to say that I did not always trust such feelings. Well…


Harsh Armadillo

…trust the damned things!

Photos by Kevin Hardman

Written by Alex Kratzert

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