Camp Bisco 9: Review from the ‘Lane
31 Aug 2010

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The sparkle and the berry go back eons, the Sparkleberry was born in 2008, but Sparkleberry Lane itself did not manifest until this past Camp Bisco, 2010. Sparkleberry Lane became a home within the home that was the loving and creative environment of Camp (thank you Disco Biscuits!). The festival experience itself was so magical it is hard to put into words, but it became clear as soon as we returned to our computers post-camp that everyone had just as good of a time as we did, and we were all trying to put it into words. Mostly they were just exclamations like “HOLY LAZERS!” and hopeless laments like “anyone got a time machine?” but we all got the point- if you were there you’re thanking the Universe you made it, and if you missed it, you are kicking yourself and cuddling with the hope that next year will be better (or as Bridget would say, you’re tying a noose to a shower rod in remorse). Before you do that though, read how much fun we had!

Camp Bisco first timers: Bridget, Melanie, Christina, Jessica (JD), Samantha
Camp Bisco vets: Josh (JC) and Danny (holdin it down)

1. Where did you travel from and what was it like getting to Camp Bisco?
C: Melanie and I drove from Miami, FLORIDA for Camp Bisco. Melanie was super excited because she got to pretend to be Jack Kerouac and I was excited for my 16th trip up I-95N cuz it never seems to get old. We took a local road through the entire state of New Jersey, and got to the gates of the festival approximately 60 seconds behind Jess, Bridget, and Sam (by coincidence!)
D: Traveled from queens, nyc with brix. I was so excited my heart was beating fast and I was dancing in my car the whole way. We waited from about 4am to 8 am to get in. Thank God brix slept in the car from like midnite till 8 am and set up the whole buddhas village by himself. Getting our bracelets was hectic and frustrating for many.

2. What did you contribute to Sparkleberry Lane OR what did you love about Sparkleberry Lane?

B: I contributed the Sparkleberry Lane street sign. Jess and I were in my bedroom grabbing last minute necessities when the sign caught our attention. We grabbed it not even realizing what was about to happen. I also contributed shit tons if glitter and positive energy.

M: I hope I can inspire everyone to collaborate intelligently and with passion. I definitely brought the intense dancing and of course- the will to get run over by a car and just keep dancing anyway. Thats how you lead.
C: I brought Melanie.
D: I brought 3 easy ups and am glad 2 of them worked out. I brought like 10 chairs and a camera. Walkie talkies!

3. Briefly describe your relationship with glitter for the weekend.
M: Somehow it became okay to call people glitter puppies and to spray everyone with glitter. I had never been a glitter freak, but it quickly changed and all I wanted to be was sparkling with a glitter layer over my skin.
JD: I wore it literally around my neck in a vial. Constantly parnoid that I didnt have enough glitter on reapplying over and over again. I wonder how much glitter i ingested that day.
D: I didn’t realize I was addicted to glitter until it ran out and I was going through withdrawal. I thought it was just a hobby and I could use it recreationally.
JC: I was glittered once…I don’t know how that happened.

4. What was your favorite meal of the weekend/favorite thing at the vendors.
B: potato/cheddar burritos from vegetarian oasis
JD: Chai Iced Tea
JC: THE PIZZA! I didn’t eat much of anything thursday or friday but friday morning > saturday I discovered the pizza stand. I first bought one piece, finished it half way back to campsite, went back for another, finished that. Sat at the campsite for 10 minutes and realized I wanted another piece, so went and got a third!

5. What act did you get to see for the first time and what did you think of them?
JD: Electic Method blew me away. I had no idea who they were while they were playing and for some reason everyone around me could not answer that question either! I found out a day after camp it was them. Emailed them and got a response in the same day. They are awesome guys. I feel like they were a way better version of girl talk with video.
C: Beats Antique had us all floored and they put in so much energy, and were so grateful for our energy that it was a beautiful show. And Melanie taught me to belly dance! And Talib Kweli with Murph was super special.
Papadosio put on a great show on the hill, despite the oncoming Apocalyptic storm. Wu Massacre was a great addition to the lineup, I felt honored to being seeing them live.

6. What was your favorite show of the weekend?
B: Bassnectar made me dance so hard I had to sit down after he played because I thought I retore my medial meniscus in my knee.
Thievery Corporation, Two Fresh, Mimosa, Beats Antique were probably some of my favorite. They all mix hip hop or african beats with other styles of music… all so innovatively that it just feels organic yet powerful.
D: Biscuits Friday nite w/ jess, bridget and josh coyle. Josh was depressed about something before the show and I got to observe how the music slowly brought him out of that and how he became more and more elated jam by jam.
JC: Biscuits Friday Set 1, Biscuits Friday Set 2, Biscuits Thursday Set 1, Mimosa, Tipper, Beats Antique, LCD, Derek Plaslaiko, Aeroplane

7. What was your favorite weird experience of the weekend.
JD: To list all of my adventures that were “crazy” would be impossible. To some it up I danced with an ice cream cone and a caterpillar at the same time on a Saturday evening.
JC: The OL campsite rager was easily my favorite weird experience. I was [feelin’ lightheaded] and there were crazy people dressed up as animals playing dice everywhere, and people on blow up couches, and OL playing fantastic music! It was my favorite part and most interesting part for sure
C: Silent Disco sunrise Sunday morning.

8. Tell us about a new friend you made.
J: My new best friend is the Walkie Talkie and everyone that has one. Fuck text messaging!
D: All the Digital Buddhas I met for the first time. Its my favorite thing in the world to meet Digital Buddhas. Also meeting mel. And celebrating whitneys b-day w/ her and her crew from atl
JC: The girl I rode to camp with had a friend who was a little short on money so I figured it would be best to give it to someone in need. He turned out to be this awesome, awesome person who loves biscuits just as much as me and he ended up camping with us. I was able to rage some shows with him and chill at the camp site and just talk music.
C: I made great friends with a pineapple named Wilson, hopefully you’ll get to meet him soon!

J: Speechless
D: They just fell in line with the general impression that I got which is that they weren’t cutting corners to make as many bucks as possible but were aiming to give their fans a great experience.
C: There were laZers?

10. Sparkleberry hopes for Camp Bisco 10 performers:
Tupac, Ozric Tenticles, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, more Bisco sets, DAFT PUNK

Feel free to comment with your own awesome Camp Bisco 9 experience!!

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