Camp Bisco 12 Preview
10 Jun 2013

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Here at Sparkleberry Lane, we don’t like to sugar coat things- we tell it like it is.  If something is awesome, we tell you it’s awesome.  If something is not so awesome- we let that be known as well.  That’s why last year I wrote a not-so sparkly review of a Camp Bisco that, to me, had lost its luster.  You may be wondering why we are giving the festival we call home another chance.  It comes down to the fact that we’ve noticed that MCP Presents knew something was not quite right, and has put its heart into fixing Camp Bisco.  We can’t wait to experience the results!


If Camp Bisco kicked ass for you last year, you’ll definitely want to be back this year.  For those of you that are on the fence about attending this year, here are a few reasons I think it’s in your best interest (NOT ranked by importance. That’d be too hard).

    1. 18+ age restriction.   If you are over 18, this point needs no further clarification.
    2. ENO Hammock lounge and daily downtempo sets by the lake.  Wait, Camp has a lake?? Apparently so, and this year it’s going to be prime real estate for maxin’ and relaxin’ to downtempo grooves coming from a floating gazebo, and enjoying a little lake-side hookah sesh (which was one of our favorite new additions to last year’s event).  Since Camp Bisco has been and continues to be one of the best electronic lineups of the summer, we have no doubt the downtempo sets won’t disappoint.  Neither will the hammocks.
    3. Daily yoga and meditation sessions.  This is something Sparkleberry Lane has pushed for the last 2 years at Camp, if only because it’s one of the festivals where we rage the hardest, and so we desperately need a chance to join together and rejuvenate!  Forget the old idea that festivals have to leave you feeling worn out and brain juice depleted, you know it’s a new day and age when Camp Bisco has something healthy to offer!  Even if you don’t participate in the yoga or meditation classes yourself, you will benefit from them simply be being around those who do!
    4. Squarepusher.  If you don’t know about Squarepusher, you probably aren’t old enough to come to Camp this year anyway.  If you are of age, then you need to know about Squarepusher.  This UK producer has been around since the 90s making unique-ass grooves, and he is a noble veteran of the electronica game.  Camp vets have been praying that this artist would grace the festival lineup for years now, and this year the spaceship finally lands.  And as if his simple presence wasn’t enough, he is going to be setting up the new and epic “Ufabulum” Live show.  So be there or be stupid.YouTube Preview Image
    5. The rest of the lineup and the curated tents.  There is something for everyone.  This year already has tons of gems in the mix ensuring a dance party with class.  STS9. Boys Noize, Moon Boots, LTJ Bukem (another rarity!!), Com Truise, Govinda, and Eskmo (for that heady West Coast flavor).  True to Camp Bisco style, they are bringing in at least one artist killin it on the Billboard charts this year- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the guys with that thrift store jam (you gotta admit that beat is off the hook).  If you are looking for the womp, Destroid Live (Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawkwa together in bass glory) is sure to leave you floored.  From what I hear it’s not for the faint of heart.  Camp is always representin’ the hip-hop, and this year Killer Mike, UZDanny Brown and some trap music will help you get in touch with your inner hoodrat.  If disco and nu disco is your thing, and it’s definitely mine, we are in luck.  French Express– a music blog turned record label dedicated to feel good music- gets a whole tent to themselves at Camp.  Moon Boots, Aeroplane, plus many others are sure to keep the party going and the good vibes pumpin!  The music blog “This Song is Sick” is also curating a tent, and given their reputation for breaking the hottest electronic, hip-hop, and indie tracks on a daily basis, their tent at Camp Bisco is sure to surprise.  Of course, the OWSLA vs. Boys Noize Records tent will be keepin it durty and satisfying your insatiable thirst for bass.


If none of this is your cup of tea, we get it! (kind of), Camp is lookin out for you too!  Get down to some instrumental grooves with Umphrey’s McGee, Manhattan Project, Lotus, or Boombox.  Keep it indie with Animal Collective, Toro y Moi, Dan Deacon, VHS or Beta, and Vacationer.

And come on, the freakin’ guy who made the Harlem Shake song is going to be there!  Apparently his DJ name is Baauer.  I mean, the intensity of the dance party that will ensue when that now infamous beat drops is almost too much to fathom.

You get all of the above + 3 nights of The Disco Biscuits, without whom none of this would even be possible.  They killed it out in Colorado earlier this year, and finally the East Coast is getting some Biscuits lovin.  My hopes are high for their shows (but when are they not?).  I think it’s safe to say Camp is stepping it back up, and is bringing the summer’s most well-rounded lineup of artists making every variety of electronically infused music.  Do yourself a favor and take some time to give every artist on the lineup at least a short listen, so you don’t miss something awesome (the list above is a good place to start, and so is this Lineup Radio from the website).camp6

Besides all the above mentioned extracurricular activities, there will be extra workshops like hooping lessons and Sparkleberry Lane will even be hosting a Do It Yourself fest wear workshop/clothing swap- so start digging through your closet for something that needs an update or something you’ve loved but are ready to pass on to a new home!  (More details to follow).  Things we love from last year are returning, such as the ferris wheel and of course, Silent Disco!!  This year’s Color Wars are also promising a revamp- making them more inclusive and fun for the whole family.

Camp 2013 is returning to the Indian Lookout Country Club in the greenness of Mariaville, New York, July 11 – 13, but even its longtime home is getting an upgrade.  The art installations will be bigger and better.  Clean Vibes will be there to keep it fresh and encourage recycling and campsite cleanup, and this year there will be showers and refresh stations to keep your own dirty self clean.  Shuttles are available from neighboring cities, and if you want to be fancy and stay in a hotel, packages with hotel stay and shuttles are available through CID entertainment .

camp11As the awaited date draws closer, more details about awesome new things are sure to be announced, but tickets are not guaranteed to last long!!  If your short on cash and/or want to be a part of the team that makes the magic happen, there’s still time to sign up and volunteer.  Get your act together and meet us in New York cuz this is gonna be one for the books.





My last word of advice is: bring some rain boots and an umbrella, just in case.

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