Festival Preview: ARISE 2014
21 Jul 2014

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A Preview for ARISE Music Festival

Loveland, CO

August 8th-10th, 2014

Written by Matthew Cocinero

2014-08-08 thru 2014-08-11 -

I can barely contain the bubbling energy inside me! It’s a side effect of the recent realization that I will soon be returning to the beautiful Colorado landscape for another incredible and refreshing co-created event.  For the second year, Arise Music Festival will be returning to Sunrise Ranch, which is nestled in the stunning foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, CO. From August 8-10, the spanning acres of Sunrise Ranch will be flourishing with many bright souls that will all be sharing this creative and expansive space. While being flooded with open hearts and continuous fun, the lucky people who attend this festival will be able to explore themselves through diverse conscious music, rewarding yoga, inspirational and educational workshops, and the numerous other co-creative events that are offered at Arise this year. A key part of these transformational festivals is that every single person there builds each experience through their contributions, creative energies, presence, presents, and open love to others. There is nothing quite like the sense of freedom and love you find at these gatherings. Mmm yes…

Paul Bassis, the Producer of Arise, painted a beautiful picture when he stated that “The music is like the fire… and we all gather around it to warm our souls.” The wide range of conscious music that can be found at this festival really sets Arise apart from other Colorado festivals. Across the four stages there will be Reggae, Bluegrass, Funk, Hip Hop, Electronic Music, Jam Bands, and creative fusions of many of these genres. On the live performance side of things, Arise will be blessed with the likes of the amazing Beats Antique, Grateful Grass, The Infamous Stringdusters, Quixotic, Groundation, Tribal Seeds, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary), and so many more up and coming talents. I am extremely excited encounter the music of Nahko and Medicine for the People which in my experience is just that; a healing collection of vibrations and words that uplift the soul and gives the listener that unmistakable feeling in ones chest of pure positive energy. The Everyone Orchestra conducted by Matt Butler is another show not to be missed, as it is a completely improvisational journey that has had participants from the Grateful Dead, Phish, The String Cheese Incident, as well as hundreds of other musicians, dancers, and singers.


For those of you who cannot get enough low frequencies in your life at any point in time, there is no shortage of Electronic Music geniuses. On the top of my list is certainly Mr. Bill, a native of Sydney, Australia who creates flawless mind bending glitch productions that can only be rivaled by the likes of Dave Tipper and perhaps a few others. The Polish Ambassador will also be moving many of the bodies found at Sunrise Ranch for this weekend with his rich and diverse funk-ified melodies. There will be many local Colorado electronic artists as well who are known to get the dance floor moving such as Unlimited Aspect, SunSquabi, YuYu, and kLL sMTH. Musical diversity is the name of the game here at Arise Music Festival; check out the full lineup here!

Although Arise is called a Music Festival, there are a multitude of other offerings and experiences to be had within this shining wonderland. Inside the dome at Sunrise Ranch I look forward to encountering the various informative and motivational presenters such as Peter Yarrow who will talk about the power of folk music or Reyna Bryan who will speak about her current project called “RECYCLING IS SEXY”. The power of knowledge is slowly transforming our society for the better, so be sure to absorb and share what you can! Spread throughout the festival grounds will also be a plethora of interactive workshops for one to pick up a new skill or to spiritually open oneself to new ideas and practices. Tablaist Andy Skellenger will accompany the great Sitar Maestro Roshan Bhartiya and together they will be sharing classical Indian music along with the heightened awareness and path to self-realization that is found within this traditionally religious music. As a Physics student with a passion for renewable energy, I am also eager to learn from Kelly O’Donnell and Curt Busby about the ins and outs of “Integrating Solar Energy with Housing, Gardening, Exercise and Spirituality”. It will definitely be something to take home and simmer on. A series of Belly Dance workshops inspired by Zoe Jakes(of Beats antique), Quixotic, and Lunar Fire will also be available for the masses to enjoy, learn, and take part in.  Make sure to take full advantage of these amazing individuals who are willing to share their life’s work with you; who knows, you may find a new passion or hobby!


While there is always so much going on at these events, it is very easy to forget about ones personal well-being. In response to that, it is my goal to try to leave every transformational festival feeling refreshed and renewed rather than drained. Participating in the various forms of Yoga practice at Arise will certainly create space in ones mind, leave the body in a state of fluid motion and allow for the conscious healing of oneself in the physical and spiritual realm. The brilliance that is Arise also offers a Healers Tent and the Solutions Village where conflicts of any kind may be resolved, whether they be emotional, physical or spiritual. The Kids Village, which is hosted by Rainbow Lightning LLC, will provide a safe, creative, and self-expressive space for our next generation of beautiful souls. So if you are hesitant in bringing your child to this event, know that they will always be engulfed in a positive environment.

It seems that Arise Music Festival has really brought in the best of what a transformational festival has to offer. Arise is meant to create inspiration that drives positive action within all of those that attend. It promotes finding one’s own creative potential while connecting with other like-minded individuals and of course re-connecting with nature. To call a festival life changing is a bit of an understatement. We are collectively changing the norms of society to include the celebration of personal growth, community building, social responsibility, holistic health, and of course creative expression. Sustainability is a constant theme within all of these activities, and it is a theme bent on changing the world. So get out there, open your heart wide, and experience the change!

Photos courtesy of ARISE

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