A Funky Fall Awaits at Catskill Chill Festival
31 Jul 2012

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With fall right around the corner, most of us are starting to wind down from the festival circuit. But if you’re still aching for more, Upstate New York is ringing in September with its 3rd annual Catskill Chill Festival in Hancock, NY. Hosted at the scenic Camp Minglewood on a private lake in the western hills of the Catskill Mountains, Catskill Chill is an intimate setting for an eclectic lineup of live music. The festival showcases a consistent blend of jambands, funk, rock, bluegrass, and electronic music. This year, Sparkleberry Lane will be gratefully present to Spread our Sparkle and make some conscious connections with Catskill’s diverse audience.

Umphrey's at last year's event

This year’s Catskill Chill is expected to almost double last year’s attendance – starting with 1,250 in 2010, and reaching over 3,000 in 2011, this festival is growing fast along with the rising annual demand for outdoor entertainment. All of the private cabins and bunkhouses have already sold out, but there are still tickets left for those who want to camp classic-style. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about unexpected weather at Camp Minglewood – the sound stages are shielded by large outdoor pavilions that let in the fresh autumn air while keeping out the rain.

Over 40 musical acts will play on three stages at Catskill this year, many of which are repeat-offenders, like psychedelic funk band Particle, who returns for the 3rd consecutive year. Other exciting acts include funk favorites Soulive, and Lettuce, who just released their 3rd studio album, Fly. Jammy acts like The Heavy Pets, Dopapod, and Lotus, and electronically infused projects like Conspirator, Zoogma and EOTO are also at the top of our list to see. And for the first time at the Chill, Colorado bluegrass legends Yonder Mountain String Band will be headlining.

Another band to really look out for is New York’s own progressive jam trio, Consider the Source. These newcomers deliver a powerful sound that melds psychedelic rock with the styles of the Middle East and India. We first heard of them when they opened up for Perpetual Groove in Fort Lauderdale this past year. Their debut album, That’s What’s Up, immerses the listener in an complex soundscape of soaring melodies that sometimes seem structured more like a classical piece by Tchaikovsky rather than a progressive rock tune.

Ashley handing out SBL condoms

At Catskill Chill, Sparkleberry Lane will be promoting the newest branch of our conscious effort; The Sparkleberry Condom Project. This project was recently created by one of our girls, Ashley Gosselin, as part of her thesis project for a Masters in Public Health.  In an effort to promote conscious living, Sparkleberry Lane has decided to help festival-goers stay conscious of the need to use condoms by providing free condoms at Festivals. At this year’s Electric Forest Festival in Michigan, Ashley and her boyfriend Max handed out 300 free condoms to raise consciousness about preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancy. We plan on repeating this success at Catskill Chill, as well as conducting surveys to assess the need for this kind of outreach. So on top of our fun love spirits at this year’s Catskill, keep an eye out for Sparkleberry Lane Condoms too!

Catskill Chill is guaranteed to be both a refreshing and exciting experience and even includes an open mic for a participatory experience for all of its attendees! We can’t wait to party in the beautiful Catksills, and we hope to see you there soon!

This pre-fest coverage was written by Max Klein!

Check out our coverage from last year’s event, written by Amaryth Rose, HERE!

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