5 Reasons Why Sonic Bloom Is More Than A Music Festival
04 Jun 2015

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Even though Sonic Bloom is a small boutique festival tucked away in the Colorado mountains, people all over the country seem to know about it. I met two people in Denver who had come out for Sonic Bloom (one from Florida and one from New Jersey), and after the festival they decided to move to Colorado.  Why is this event so special and well-known?  Maybe because Sonic Bloom is much more than just a great musical line-up, it’s a way of life.  It’s about being awake, conscious, kind, and exploratory.  The festival encourages you to live authentically and love those around you.  Here are 5 additional reasons why this event much more than just a music festival:

1. The Unified Field


The festival’s full name is “Sonic Bloom: the Unified Field”.  I knew a bit about the unified field theory, but decided to find out more in a recent interview with one of the festivals founders, Jamie Janover.  I asked him to describe the unified field and how it related to the festival:

“The unified field theory talks about the structure of the entire universe, how everything is connected, and the physics of how that works.  It’s called the unified field because it’s referencing the fact that everything is connected.  When we all get together and do our thing in the same place at the same time, we increase coherency of the field.  This in turn increases the level of perception of that connectedness, by acting and reacting in artistic and musical ways.  Through education and workshops, and through physically hanging out, we can create an even more unified field of energy because everything in the universe is energy, and is connected by the structure of space time.”

Sonic Bloom manifests this unified field by setting up the event to have a lot of interaction between music, performers, live art, visualists, installations, lighting, and deco.  This creates a coherent vibe and inspires creative collaboration.

2. Artistic Inspiration


Sonic Bloom’s art incorporation goes way beyond live painting and art displays.  Art installations are delicately woven throughout the grounds, creating a magical fairyland to inhabit for the weekend.  Attendees can meet over seventeen transformational artists including Krystleyez, Amanda Sage, and Android Jones.  Jones will be teaching one of many workshops, giving art enthusiasts a chance to learn from and interact with the psychedelic art legend.  Sonic Bloom’s stages are works of art themselves, each having a theme that uplifts and inspires.  Aside from musicians, these stages host a wide array of performers including acrobats, contortionists, aerialists, hoopers, fire performers, and more.  Art and music become one in this sacred space, giving festival goers a multi-sensory experience.

3. Workshops


Every year the festival’s educational components grows larger and more inclusive.  This summer Sonic Bloom is offering over 55 workshops and lectures for mental, physical, and spiritual expansion.  Movement workshops in yoga, dance (funk, break, ecstatic, belly, ethnic, contemporary), energy work, meditation, hooping, and other flow arts.  Educational sessions include sustainability, art, stone balancing, jewelry making, philosophy, sound healing, comedy, sex psychology, and more.  There is something for everyone this year, so be sure to find workshops that resonate with you instead of sitting at your campsite all day!

4. Emerging Artists


Since Sonic Bloom has evolved from a Zilla show, they always include local, emerging artists on the roster.  This illustrates their dedication to the music community, and support of nascent musicians who are looking for a chance to showcase their work.  While doing press for the festival, I received many emails from young artists looking for interviews, feature pieces, and/or cross promotion.  This indicates that Sonic Bloom is not only inviting these artists to perform, but also helping them promote their music and begin rapport with the media.  Fresh talent is usually an amalgamation of amazing artist existing today, and is always exciting to witness.

5. Community


The music festival community is full of so much love and light, and the beings at Sonic Bloom are no exception. People are so open and willing to share their stories, hearts, and minds, creating a beautiful opportunity to make lasting friendships.  The first time I attended in 2013 the gathering was held in Georgetown, and the first night was unbelievably cold and rainy.  A few people camped next to me had only brought hammocks to sleep in, and seemed to be S.O.L.  I saw multiple people from campsites all around offer these people their tent or car to sleep in, equipped with many blankets to keep them warm.  These acts of kindness warmed my heart and strengthened my love of our generous community.

This conscious gathering is one not to miss this summer.  Pack your bags and meet us at Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks County, CO June 18-21.  Get your tickets here!

Cover photo: Mother of Life by Android Jones, created at Sonic Bloom 2014



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